And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor: The Best of Fifty Years of Radio Commercials

And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor: The Best of Fifty Years of Radio Commercials

[Read ebook] And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor: The Best of Fifty Years of Radio Commercials

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Book Snippet : Classic radio ad campaigns from the last fifty years, and how they used humor to win over audiences And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor offers an in-depth look at some of the most successful and entertaining radio ads from the last half century, presented by advertising veteran Larry Oakner. An accompanying CD-ROM allows readers to listen to the fascinating and funny advertisements that chronicle radio history. Extensive interviews with account executives, clients, producers, and actors offer a unique perspective on the development of humorous radio advertising over the years and what it takes to create a memorable and effective campaign. And Now a Few Laughs from Our Sponsor shows advertising professionals how to maximize just sixty seconds of airtime to win customers over and provides original recordings of some of the most fun and enlightening advertising ever produced.