Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing

Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing

(Download free pdf) Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing

The Article : Enhance your food marketing operation with this thorough and business-savvy book!Marketing and distribution related decisions and policies are now of paramount importance in the world of food marketing. This is due to the present state of economic crisis in much of the world and the cost efficiency issues that must be considered in countries at varying levels of economic development. Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing examines food marketing systems from around the world to bring you an understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls in these areas. Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing evaluates the present state and likely developments of food marketing systems in different countries. This book also provides conceptual frameworks for studying food marketing systems across countries and/or cultures. When studying food marketing systems from varying cultures, one must take into consideration the political, cultural, and environmental aspects of the countries involved. Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing provides the information you need. In this book you can examine: the U.S. poultry export trade food market segmentation in Europe the yogurt market in the European Union (EU) the connection between agricultural exports and economic growth in Pakistan ethnic niche markets for import quality policies and consumer behavior in different countries . . . and more!Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Issues in Food Marketing has the information you’ll need to be able to analyze, design,and manage effective food marketing systems in an increasingly global economy.

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