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  • I can't seem to find instructions on doing a complete uninstall of Acronis True Image 2017 for the Mac. Considering that the app has a ton of launchd and plist files, I don't want to just trash it. Because my demo period has expired I can't seem to get a download link to the software to look for an uninstaller or check the package for an.
  • Acronis True Image 2021 Build 32010 Multilingual Bootable ISO 663.09 MB Information: Combining reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology, our unique cyber protection solution effectively safeguards all of your data, apps and systems. Backup and Recovery Mirror imaging.
  • With Acronis True Image, creating a full image backup on an external hard drive is as easy as two clicks. Once the drive is connected and Acronis True Image is running, you click Add backup. The entire computer is the default backup source, so you simply need to assign the external drive as the Backup destination and then click Back up now.

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Acronis True Image 2021 promises to keep your data safe for around A$100 a year. It protects PCs and Macs from disasters, accidents, criminal attacks and ransomware.

What is True Image?

True Image started life as a back-up application. The name refers to the way it creates a copy or an image of your computer data on an external hard drive or cloud server.

Two years ago Acronis added security features adding ransomware protection to back-up. The most expensive version of the software included blockchain certification. I’m not convinced that is necessary. Yet there are those who find it useful.

The 2021 version of the software adds more protection. Acronis says it deals with malware, malicious websites and code injection. This means the security software has to work in real-time.

There’s the timely addition of protection from videoconferencing interference. This is a threat that emerged during the Covid-19 lockdown. The feature is not included in the MacOS version.

In effect, Acronis repackaged its enterprise security technology for individuals and small businesses.

One user interface

Having back-up and security controlled by a single user interface simplifies the two processes. That’s important. Many small business buy back up and security then fail to make the most of them because it’s difficult.

True Image 2021 has a clean, straightforward interface. This hasn’t changed since I reviewed True Image 2019 more than two years ago.

It’s not immediately obvious how everything works, but it is easy to learn. The trick is to mouse your way around the user interface and try all the options.

Once you’re done, you can leave True Image to work without day-to-day intervention, although it is likely you will need to revisit the app.

Testing True Image

I tested it on an iMac. Here it adds an icon to the menu bar. Unlike other MacOS apps, this is not a menu, instead it shows notifications. There is an option to open the app’s main screen from here.

Back-up remains the focus. You can create images of entire drives, partitions, folders or even individual files. True Image can back-up your network drives and add back-ups for your mobile phone or tablet.

There are options to do a full back-up, this can take a long time, or to do a differential back-up. This means backing up everything that changed since the last back-up.

Back-up options

You control the back-up frequency. Options range from monthly, which I’d regard as “why bother”? all the way to hourly.

The default is daily. There’s a twice daily option which I’ve set to back-up about half way through my working day and then late at night. That way I’m never going to lose more than a few hours work.

More frequent back-ups are possible, but this can tie up resources.

There are options to remove older back-ups when you are running out of space on your target disc. You can do this manually or leave it to the software. You can also set up validations.


There’s a basic A$70 subscription that doesn’t include cloud back-up. You’ll need a local or network drive. Acronis does not appear to allow you to use alternative cloud storage.

Как установить office 2011 for mac. As updates that change the macOS version number become available, this article is updated to show the latest version of that macOS.If your Mac is using an earlier version of any Mac operating system, you should, which can include important and updates for the apps that are installed by macOS, such as, Books, Messages, Mail, Music, Calendar, and Photos. When a major new macOS is released, it gets a new name, such as macOS Catalina. These are all Mac operating systems, starting with the most recent.

The A$98 Advanced plan includes 500GB of cloud back-up storage. There is a A$140 plan with a terabyte of storage. These prices are for one computer.

Acronis’ per computer price drops if you add more, but you don’t get more cloud storage.

This complex price structure is strange given that everything else about True Image 2021 works to hide complexity. I’m concerned that buyers can end up buying more than they need, or not enough.


Back-up updates


There are updates to the way True Image handles back-ups. It no longer duplicates data if a back-up is interrupted, say if you lose your connection. Instead of restarting and doing the whole back-up again, it picks up from where it left off.

While testing I ran into a couple of interesting observations. First, there may be times when you want to turn off protection. I did this when bittorrenting a copy of LibreOffice 7 for review.

True Image’s security stopped my bit torrent client from working. Fair enough. To allow it through I paused the software, then forgot to restart. The next morning an email arrived telling me the scheduled back-up failed. This is excellent. It’s easy to forget to switch back on and leave yourself without back-ups or protection. Getting a non-intrusive reminder is the best way of fixing this.

Safe replication

Likewise, after first installing the application, I chose to make a replica of my Mac hard drive using the Acronis Cloud. All good. Then I swapped out my home Wi-Fi router for a D-Link Wi-fi 6 router review.

The router remained installed. When I went to update the drive replica, True Image responded with a message saying replication would restart after I connected to an approved Wi-fi network.

This protection would stop True Image from automatic drive replication when, say, a laptop connects to public Wi-fi. It takes a couple of clicks to resume replication with a new router.

True Image’s replication will wait until the everyday back-up is complete. It handles tasks one-by-one, not in parallel. This is useful on slower connection.

Fast, if your network is fast

Cloud back-ups are fast. I have a gigabit fibre connection, my Wi-fi 6 router is the bottleneck. It can clock speeds of over 500mbps. On my set-up, when True Image connects to the Acronis Cloud the reported speed fluctuates from around 100 mbps up to over 200 mbps.

Back-up times vary. The time indicator on the user interface gives a rough guide, but don’t take it seriously. It warned me a full drive back-up of 340 GB would take 52 minutes. I left it running and checked 30 minutes after starting to find it had finished.

Incremental back-ups of around 200 MB take a couple of minutes. Again, the times reported on the user interface can be misleading. The ‘less than one minute’ turned out to be a few seconds over two minutes.

Early back-up software, including earlier versions of True Image, could hurt system and network performance. I found this year’s edition of Norton LifeLock ties up all system resources when in full flight and then some. That is another story for another time.

Acronis True Image For Mac

True Image 2021 has no noticeable impact on performance. Automated back-ups can happen while I’m on a Zoom call and I’d never know. I haven’t seen a spinning Mac beachball while using True Image. This is in part down to plenty of headroom on a fibre connection and Wi-fi 6 local network, but, as mentioned, Norton struggles with the same resources.

True Image 2021 verdict

I can’t think of any other application that combines back-up and security in the way True Image does. The price is on a par with buying separate applications to do the two jobs.

You won’t need to pay for Acronis back-up and a separate security suite. You won’t need to learn two user interfaces. This is important if you don’t have full time IT professionals to call on for help.

Getting both back-up and security in a single integrated package from one source simplifies both.

Today, True Image is comprehensive to the point of providing more protection than everyday users or small businesses need.

It could be overkill for your needs.

If your data is precious or your work makes you a security target you should consider True Image.

If you handle other people’s data it could be essential. It makes sense if you work for a company or agency that requires high levels of security. Choose it if losing your data for more than a few minutes will cost you money.


I took my time testing Acronis True Image 2021 for a good reason. The software came the same time as Norton Lifelock, which is an indirect rival. Lifelock trashed my computer. I wanted to give Acronis enough time to screw up before telling readers one is better than the other. After two months, I’m happy to report nothing untoward happened.

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How does the Mac version compare to the Windows version of Acronis True Image?

Click here to see the feature-wise comparison with Acronis True Image for PC.

Can I install it on my macOS version?

Click here to see supported operating systems and file systems.

Follow the installation procedure.

I have one serial number of Acronis True Image 2021. Can I use it on Windows or on Mac?

You can use each serial number for both Mac and Windows systems. The number of activated Acronis True Image copies is determined by your license - for 1, 3 or 5 computers.

How can I install it in a different language?

The language of the product interface depends on what language is set as primary in your system.

To change the language of the product interface you will need to change the language of your Mac OS. This will also require a reboot of the machine.

For more information see Acronis True Image on Mac: Changing the Product Language.

How can I back up my Mac? Which options do I have?

You can back up either the entire Mac or select individual disks or files/folders.

For more information see Acronis True Image 2021: entire computer backup and Acronis True Image 2021: backing up individual disks or files.

What is Acronis bootable media? Do I need it?

Acronis bootable media is a USB flash drive that boots on a machine and enables recovery a crashed operating system.

We recommend creating the bootable media immediately after product installation to be fully equipped in case a disaster recovery is required. See this article for instructions.

What is Acronis Survival Kit? Do I need it?

An Acronis Survival Kit is an external hard disk drive that contains both the Acronis bootable media files and a backup of your system partition, entire computer, or any disk backup. This is a single device that has everything that you need to recover your computer in case of failure. If you plan to store your backups on external disk drive and do not have a bootable media yet, see this article for instructions how to create Acronis Survival Kit.

How can I recover? Can I recover single files?

Using Acronis True Image in the operating system, you can recover files from a local backup or from a Cloud backup. Check user guide for more information.

To recover files and folders:

  1. Open Acronis True Image.
  2. On the left pane, select the backup that contains the files and folders to recover.
  3. Go to Recovery tab.
  4. The window with the backup contents opens.
  5. Select the necessary files/folders and click Recover.

You can restore your Mac or recover a partition using Acronis bootable media:

  1. Plug in the bootable media to your Mac. (see instructions on creating bootable media here)
  2. Start or restart your Mac. Press and hold the Option key while the Mac is starting. The boot menu will be displayed.
  3. Choose Acronis Media as a device to boot from. The OS X Utilities list is displayed.
  4. Select Recover from Acronis True Image Backup, and then click Continue. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You can recover Parallels Desktop machines as files. For Parallels Desktop 14, machines will be bootable after .pvm file recovery. For earlier versions of Parallels Desktop, please follow this article to make virtual machines bootable.

Can I restore my system to a different Mac?

Acronis Serial Key

Yes, you can recover Entire Mac backup or Disk backup to a different Mac.

Please keep in mind the following best practice: older Macs will not recognize APFS volumes as bootable devices until the macOS Installer has applied a firmware upgrade. If you're planning to recover backup of High Sierra or later onto another Mac, run macOS installer in the new system to install firmware upgrade before performing recovery.

Can I back up my Boot Camp partition? How do I recover it?

Yes, you can back up the Boot Camp partition along with the hard drive where Boot Camp is installed. The backup will contain all the data stored on the drive, including the Boot Camp partition.

You have several recovery options:

  • You can recover the Boot Camp partition along with other data by recovering the entire hard drive
  • You can recover the Boot Camp partition separately by selecting this partition only and unchecking other check boxes in the Recovery wizard
  • You can recover files from the Boot Camp partition
Does Acronis True Image for Mac support Time capsule?

You can create an afp-share or a smb-share on the Time capsule and store your backups there.

To be able to restore your system from the bootable media you need to mount the share first:

  1. Navigate to Network -> Connect to.
  2. Enter the path to the share like afp://capsulename/share
  3. Connect to the Time capsule and restore your backup.
Can I clone my disk with Acronis True Image for Mac?

Yes, starting from Acronis True Image 2019 you can clone the disk of your Mac. See this article for details.

How to change serial number or check for build number?

To check the build number:

  1. Click Acronis True Image -> About Acronis True Image.
  2. Check the build number.

To change the serial key click Acronis True Image -> Change Serial Number.

How can I trial the product?

Before purchasing you can evaluate the product for 30 days.

  1. Download the product from the product page on Acronis website.
  2. Install Acronis True Image.
  3. When installed the product will prompt for a serial number. Select Free trial.

Clone Disk function is not available in trial.

After the trial period, the program functionality is blocked and you will need to upgrade to the full version if you wish to continue using Acronis True Image 2020.

Are the produced backups compatible with Windows version of Acronis True Image?

No, Mac and Windows versions of Acronis True Image produce backups that can be used only by the respective software version.

If you need to access your files from Windows, that were stored in a backup in Acronis Cloud, use the Web Restore page.

Do I have to suspend or power off my Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines before taking a backup?

No, you don't have to. Acronis True Image 2021 does not require any single extra action from you to have a proper Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machine backup. The use of native Parallels API in Acronis True Image 2021 ensures a complete application and data consistency in the backup and preserves system bootability upon recovery.

Acronis True Image 2019 For Mac Torrent

To learn more about backup and recovery of Parallels Desktop, please see the User Guide.

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