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Mac or PC for College?
Which Laptop Is Best for the College Student

“Which one’s better for college: PC or Mac? Many say PC because most universities use PC-compatible software that’s cheaper to license, whereas Mac is often not compatible or open-sourced. The best laptop for college: Asus ZenBook 13 UX333. Why should you buy this: You won’t find many.

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You’re getting ready to head to college. And, your laptop is giving you trouble. The memory is low. It’s outdated. You found out you need a new motherboard.

Or maybe you’re just one of those people who has to have what’s new and are ready for an upgrade. The new Windows and Mac laptops have made their debut, and you’re wondering whether to buy a Mac or PC for college?

In this article, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of Macs and PCs. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, here are the facts you need to know as Mac and PC go toe-to-toe.

Which One Offers the Better Price?

It’s no secret that an Apple laptop costs more money than Windows. But many Mac lovers say it’s worthy of the higher price tag. On the other hand, PC guys and girls would tell you not to waste the money.

College For Mac

Apple computers are more stylish in appearance. Their design is sleek and clean. But looks aren’t the only thing that makes people want to pay more for Apple laptops. They’re also easier to maintain.

You don’t have to worry about root directories and other technical tasks necessary to maintain the PC. The PC takes more computer experience, but the Mac is so easy a grandparent can learn it. Children already know it! The other thing: it syncs with your iPhone and iPad.

College For Mechanics

These aspects are why people are willing to pay more money for a more attractive and easier-to-operate machine. Of course, it depends on your budget. If you’re footing the bill for college, you might want to save your money and go with a PC.

But, if you have wealthy parents who want to get the computer you want, you might want to buy a Mac because you think it’s a better investment.

Mac Vs. PC: How Does Battery Life Compare?

With midterms and finals around the corner, there’s no time to worry about where to find an outlet in a crowded cafeteria, library, or coffee shop. If you’re out of juice because you’ve been on campus all day, then that’s a problem.

You need a battery that lasts. School is stressful enough around exam time. You don’t want your computer to add more stress to your life.

While some Windows models have a long battery life like the Asus ZenBook 14 or the ThinkPad, many PC models fall short when comparing their battery to Apple. The powerful and long-lasting batteries in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air take the prize, offering between 10-13 hours of battery life.

MacBooks work well with all of their components. This differs from Windows and is why Mac leaves Windows at the gate with a dead battery.

If you buy a PC, keep in mind your charge may only last six hours, so you may be scouring around campus looking for power options.

Compatibility on Campus

College campuses equip themselves to accommodate PCs and Macs. If for some reason your campus doesn’t accommodate both computer systems, you have your answer.

But, if you’re an engineering student or major in a technical subject that’s not design-based you’ll probably be working in a PC environment. Your department may even use Internet Explorer for projects. But can you download internet explorer on a Mac?

Mac For Education

If you’re not a wizard at the computer, you might want to base your decision on your college campus’s technical support staff. Does your school have way more PC technical support than the Mac?

This could be a deciding factor and can leave you behind if you make the wrong choice. However, if the IT support team specializes in Apple computers, you should probably buy a Mac if you don’t have the learning curve. It would simplify things since PCs tend to be more complex in their technology.

Another compatibility issue to consider is filing transfer compatibility. Although compatibility has come a long way between programs and files, sometimes PC and Mac file extensions don’t play well together. This could cause a problem for Mac users if most people use PCs.

Internet Security

When it comes to malware, computer viruses, and spyware, PC users are hit all the time. Castle story for mac. The PC computer keeps hackers and Internet security companies in business with all the attacks on its systems. And, the need to develop defenders to ward them off.

The Relationship Between the PC and Security

The reason why PCs are targeted more frequently is that more computer users own a PC. In fact, 88.7% of computer users have a PC to be exact. While only 10% of the population owns an Apple. This makes being the underdog a better option causing fewer headaches.

But, on the other hand, Microsoft works hard to keep Windows environments more secure than its former versions. But internet predators still work just as hard to hack into systems and infect them with viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

But although Macs are safer, no computer is totally safe from threats. So it’s always critical to run anti-virus software on the Mac to keep viruses away as best as you can.

Which Platform Is Better for Design?

If you’re studying art or design in school–whether it be fashion design at F.I.T. or animation at NYU, a Mac computer is the industry standard. Your classrooms will have Macs, your internship company will use Macs, and you’ll use Macs all through your profession.

Apple was originally designed for artists and designers. It continues to be the computer platform of choice for design, although some say the PC is not far behind.