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Hello everyone, you can download CrossOver for Mac and this software will actually run Windows software on your MacOS. This pretty neat software lets you run Windows exclusive games on your MacOS and other software that you probably thought were only for Windows, please read on…

Today we will showcase a software known as CrossOver built by the programmers over at CodeWeavers. This amazing and somewhat underrated software lets you run Windows software on your MacOS devices whether that be a MacBook Pro, iMac etc. If you are like me and sometimes want to play a certain Windows-only game on your Mac like Grand Theft Auto 5, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 or even the brand spanking new Far Cry 5, my best bet is to try using a software that allows me to run Windows games on my Mac and so far, after literally years of trying everything including Bootcamp, Parallels, VMware etc, the best software that works so far is CrossOver for Mac. Here is what makes it so good.


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What Is CrossOver For Mac?

CrossOver For Mac


CrossOver runs thousands of different Windows apps on your Mac. From productivity, utility, games, and design software-Windows software never looked better when launched right from the macOS dock with CrossOver Mac.

Easily switch between Mac or Windows programs without rebooting, without using a virtual machine and without purchasing a Windows license. The best solution to run Windows programs on Mac is with native functionality like copy & paste, keyboard shortcuts, Mission Control, and more

High Sierra compatible CrossOver Mac is the easiest way to run Microsoft Windows software on your Mac without buying a Windows license, rebooting, or using a virtual machine. CrossOver Mac makes it easy to launch Windows programs natively from the dock. CrossOver also integrates macOS functionality, like cross-platform copy & paste, and shared file systems for your Windows applications.

CrossOver Mac runs Windows games, productivity software, and utility programs all in one application. And without the overhead of a virtual machine, programs and games can run as fast or faster than they would under a Windows operating system.

  • Runs at Native Speed

CrossOver runs natively on your Mac. Which means you don’t have to run a copy of Windows. Which means you’re not paying the RAM and CPU penalty for two operating systems running at the same time. Which means no bogged down, choppy performance. If you need native speed, CrossOver is the better choice.

  • Seamlessly Integrates with your Desktop Environment

Since CrossOver is running on your native Mac file system, there’s no need to move files back and forth between a Windows partition and OS X. Everything’s in one place, right where you need it. Seamlessly Cut & Paste between Windows documents and Mac documents. Launch your Windows programs from the dock. Your Windows programs behave like native Mac applications.

Install CrossOver on Mac

CrossOver For Mac Screenshots

CrossOver For Mac Video Demo

Limited Offer: Try CrossOver and easily and instantly run Windows Software like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Steam, FarCry 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, World of Warcraft, Skyrim and many more on your Mac computer.

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Recently, my employer started offering the option of MacBooks for employee’s workstations.
Although I may be classified as a Windows-adept, I decided to take the plunge (remember to put it back by Tuesday) and move to Mac.

One of the first questions that pops up will be: how do I run Windows apps on my Mac?

Screen lock for mac free. There are, basically, a couple of options:

  1. BootCamp – decide at boot-time what OS to boot into, Windows or MacOS.
  2. Virtual Machine – use MacOS as host operating system, and run Windows in a virtual machine, by installing VMWare or VirtualBox
  3. Wine – Wine Is Not an Emulator – (open-source) software that wraps windows programs for *nix-type systems, such as MacOS.
  4. CrossOver – a graphical shell on top of Wine

CrossOver for Mac is a commercial piece of software, providing a GUI on top of Wine. Although this hides a lot of the sometimes complicated hassle of correctly configuring Wine, a EUR 475,= fee for this service (for a lifetime license, one year runs at EUR 59,=) is in my opinion, well, ridiculous, even though the lifetime license does support the WINE development team and the team at CodeWeavers does a lot of work on the WINE-project itself.

Granted, the “hassle” is there for Wine, still. To have it running succesfully on your MacBook, it has some pre-requisites. I will now run you by my process of installing the software.


This guide is valid for MacOS High Sierra (10.13)

1. Install HomeBrew

Homebrew is an excellent piece of software that is comparable with the application managers on Linux systems, such as YUM for Redhat, or APT-GET for Debian-like systems. It will allow you to install additional packages onto your Mac.

I consider this an essential add-on to your Mac and I will omit its installation because, well, if you do not already have this on your Mac or cannot find your way into its installation, this post is probably not for you anyway!

2. Install XQuartz

This is one of the dependencies that will not be resolved automatically and therefore needs to be homebrewed beforehand:

Be patient while this runs, as it may pull in other dependencies.

3. Install Wine using HomeBrew

Now, the business end of things; it is time to pull in Wine:

There is no ‘cask’ (no UI), hence the shorter command.
Again, be patient, as this may require pulling in additional dependencies.
Updating the configuration may take a while (it did in my case), but after a while, lo and behold:


The Wine configuration screen

Yay, Windows-like windows!

Crossover For Mac Os Sierra Os


See the next post on how to run programs using Wine.

Install Mac Os High Sierra

By the way, I am all for supporting the Wine developers (but not through CodeWeavers). So if you like the software, please consider donating to the project via this link