Das Keyboard Professional For Mac


For someone such as myself, who spends the majority of their day typing, using a quality keyboard can make all the difference. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test the Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac, using it to replace my Apple Wireless Keyboard for all of my day-to-day work – and I must say, it’s been a very interesting experience.

Description Type with ease using this Das Keyboard Model S Professional keyboard that is compatible with Mac and features mechanical key switches with gold contacts for comfortable use. The 2-port USB 2.0 hub allows flexible peripheral connectivity. The Das Keyboard Model S Professional Clicky Mechanical Keyboard for Mac sports high-performance, gold-plated, mechanical key switches that produce unique clicky tactile feedback while making the typing experience more comfortable, precise and fast. Includes media controls for quick access to the most common media functions. Das Keyboard 4 Professional mechanical keyboard is made of the highest-quality materials and robust construction you can feel. All of our keyboards are designed with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes. When Germans design it.


The first computer I ever used was an Apple IIe. In those days, Apple’s computers used built-in keyboards – and the keyboards were always especially good. They keys always provided plenty of feedback and a nice clicky sound. The trend of bundling exceptional keyboards with Apple computers continued until the Apple Extended Keyboard II was discontinued in 1994. Apple never made a keyboard quite like that again.

Das Keyboard’s Model S Professional differs from Apple’s current line of keyboards in many ways, but the most crucial difference is that it is a mechanical keyboard. The use of mechanical switches gives the Das Keyboard excellent tactile feedback, as well as a very satisfying click with each key press.


Among the high points of a premium keyboard like the Model S Professional is the design. From the considerable heft of the keyboard, the sleek black design with its glossy border, and even the font on the keys, it’s easy to see that design was a crucial consideration for Das Keyboard. Overall, I like the design very much . The keyboard includes a pair of USB ports, as well as media keys that work with the Mac.

There were a few aspects of the design that I did not find quite as appealing. For instance, the keyboard does not come with a backlighting option, which makes it difficult to use in darker environments. This is especially true considering that they keyboard is black.

While the keyboard includes two USB ports, neither of these ports is capable of powering an iPad. The ports are also located in the upper-right section of the keyboard, which makes it difficult to use a mouse or properly place a trackpad next to the keyboard while something is plugged into those ports. I’d have much preferred the ports on the left side of the keyboard, or even along the rear.

Also, I found it very disappointing that the keyboard requires two USB ports. That’s all of the available USB ports on a MacBook Pro! Failure to plug the keyboard into both ports results either in a keyboard that doesn’t function, or being locked down to using only one of the two additional USB ports that the keyboard provides.

I was also disappointed that the keyboard did not include keys for Mac features such as Spaces/Mission Control, Launchpad and Dashboard (although truthfully, most third-party Mac keyboards also lack these keys).

As a final note, I found myself wishing that Das Keyboard offered a model without the built-in number pad. I doubt that most people use a number pad frequently enough to justify the additional bulk, and the presence of the number pad makes it much more difficult to center the keyboard on a desk.


Whatever the Das Keyboard Model S Professional lacks in design, it more than makes up for in performance. Plainly put, I’ve never had such a comfortable typing experience in my entire adult life. I really can’t put this any other way than to say the Model S Pro is an absolute joy to type on.

Due to the exceptional high-feedback mechanical switches, I was able to type faster, more accurately, and for longer periods of time than with my Apple Wireless Keyboard. The trade-off, however, is the sound. This keyboard is very, very noisy. As such, it might not be appropriate for use in many office situations.


I really enjoyed using the Model S. It’s the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used – comfortable enough that I can forgive the fact that the keys are so noisy! Unfortunately, due to the lack of a model without the number pad, and due to the few design issues dampening the experience, I can’t see myself replacing my current keyboard for day-to-day use.

For anyone serious about keyboarding, and who isn’t bothered by the issues I was put out by, I highly recommend the Model S Professional. It’s an extremely confortable and high quality keyboard capable of providing a lifetime of use – and while the $135 retail cost can be a lot to swallow, it is priced competitively with other professional keyboards.

For more information, or to purchase the Model S, visit the Das Keyboard website. Das Keyboard’s products are also available from Amazon.com with free shipping.


  • Solid, stable design.
  • Extremely comfortable to use, with excellent key feedback.
  • Beautiful, consistent, laser-etched keys.
  • Delightfully pleasing German name!


  • Price.
  • No wireless / Uses two USB ports.
  • Awkward placement of USB ports.
  • Noisy.
  • Cannot charge an iPad.
  • No backlighting.

Why are Das Keyboards so damn good?

Das Keyboards are the BMW of the keyboard market. They are brought to us by the Metadot Corporation, and are a prime example of high end, robust, value for money German engineering. I’d be very surprised if they do not last through a lifetime of typing out emails, letters, essays and search queries! Das claims that its keyboards are designed to withstand 50 million key strokes, and you know what? I believe them!

Although these keyboards will cost you a fair few dollars, it’s well worth the money when you consider typing speed, comfort, and the satisfaction you get from using a tool with superior build quality. When you are talking about the best keyboards, it’s rare that such a conversation would ever be lacking a mention of Das.

They are built really really well (what you’d expect of a German brand) and they actually feel like you could jump up and down on it with a big pair of Timberlands and then put it back on your desk and start typing again. It’s what impresses me the most about high-performance Das Keyboards.

Made from a really slick looking slab of aluminium, Das Keyboards is the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market today, which is no surprise when you look at it side on. It’s about an inch thick, which doesn’t sound that thin when you compare it to other devices that are out there like the Apple Mac keyboards, ipads, tablets etc, but compared to other brands of mechanical keyboards, they are the thinnest by far! The Kate Moss of keyboards. You need one of these computer keyboards on your wish list!


Best Das Keyboards On The Market:

1 – Das Keyboard 4
2 – Das Keyboard Model S
3 – Das Smart RGB Keyboards
4 – Das Prime 13 White Keyboards

Das Keyboards Background

2005 was the year that Daniel Guermeur set upon the quest to become faster and mor accurate in his own typing abilities. To do this he managed to get himself a completely blank keyboard, with no characters on it at all. After using the keyboard for just a few weeks, he was astonished to discover that his typing speed had doubled. After showing it to friends and colleagues, who also set about testing the keyboard, were also amazed by the improvement in their own typing skills, wanted one.

Daniel found a business opportunity with real potential. That was when he created Das Keyboards. From the initial concept, the keyboard then went on to be developed into the master stroke of engineering it is today, with precision and individually weighted keys and a solid aluminium chassis. Techno-elitists loved it as it gave them a way to differentiate themselves from other so called “techie” mortals. It’s also a big seller within the education sector as schools and universities looked for more effective ways to teach typing.

Who Are Das Keyboards Good For?

Das Keyboards are great for computer novices who want to learn how to type or for people who want to improve speed and accuracy of their typing. As I’ve mentioned before, the Dad Keyboard range is strong and robust, and is ideal for people who use their keyboards a lot!

The Best Das Keyboards On The Market

There are 11 Das Keyboard models out on the market and we have reviewed every single one of them. Please feel free to read the quick reviews below. If you want to read more on each on, click through to the extended review.

1. Das Keyboard 4

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

  • Blank Keycaps
  • Cherry MX Brown Switches

Das Keyboard 4 Pro

  • Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • Gold-Plated Contacts

Das Keyboard 4 Pro Mac

  • Cherry MX Blue Switches
  • Designed For Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Root

  • Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • Extra Long Cable

The Das Keyboard 4 comes in 4 different models:

  • The Das Keyboard 4 Pro
  • For Apple Fans The Das Keyboard 4 Pro For Mac
  • For Maniacs The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
  • The Stripped Down Das Keyboard 4 Root

While all based on the same model, each of these has slight differences that sets them all apart from each other. Before we get to the differences of each let’s look at the features they all have in common:

  • Superior Rugged Construction with an aluminum top panel
  • Keycaps and Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches rated for 50 + Million keystrokes
  • Gold Contacts
  • Dedicated Media Keys
  • Dedicated Sleep Button
  • Laser Inscribed Keycaps (all except the Ultimate model)
  • Oversized Volume Knob Control
  • Anodized Aluminum Top Panel

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate comes with no key inscriptions whatsoever – every key is blank. Yes that’s right, there’s absolutely no key inscriptions on the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate. As stated by Das, this keyboard is aimed at the “bad ass” typists and gaming enthusiasts. It’s sleek, robust and gives the user a very special typing experience.

I’ve tried this keyboard out and although it’s quite weird not knowing what you are pressing until you see it on the screen, you do actually get used to it and find that you no longer look at the keyboard when you are typing!

In addition to the blank keyboard, the Ultimate model uses soft-tactile Cherry MX Brown switches. It also comes with a USB 3.0 Super speed hub and full n-key rollover with anti-ghosting.

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Das Keyboard Model S Professional For Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Pro

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional mechanical keyboard shares most of the same features as the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, but one definitive features that separates them, is that the Das 4 Pro has laser etched keycap inscriptions. There are bumps on the F and J keys, so that you can align your fingers to the QWERTY keyboard with touch alone, rather than sight. Other than this, most of the features are the same.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

The Das Keyboard Professional For Mac, again shares most of the same key features as it’s siblings in the range, but with a couple of significant differences. First, the Das 4 Pro For Mac is designed specifically around the Apple Mac OS, and Mac key functions.

The other significant difference with keyboard is that is uses clicky Cherry MX Blue switches for the best typing experience. As it used blue switches this is more suited to typing rather than gaming, but will ultimately work well for both.

Das Keyboard 4 Root

The Das 4 Root, is a minimalistic version of the Das Keyboard 4. It is designed around the 4 Pro, but with a couple of differences. First, it sports a USB 2.0 hub rather than USB 3.0. It also has an extra long braided cable. The Root also used Cherry MX Brown switches like the others in the range (with exception to the Pro for Mac) and dedicated media controls.

2. Das Keyboard Model S

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

  • Blank Key Caps
  • Cherry MX Brown Switches – tactile feel
  • PS 2 Adapter

Das Model S Professional

  • Cherry MX Brown Switches – tactile feel
  • Windows Or Linux
  • Gold Contacts

Das Keyboard Model S Pro For Mac

  • Designed For Mac
  • Cherry MX Blue Switches – clicky feel
  • USB 2.0 Hub

The Das Keyboard Model S is an older version of Das Keyboard, first available around 2010. The Das 4 is largely based on the Model S. But while a lot of technology in today’s ‘throw away society’ is not built to last, the Das Model S is a prime example of technological longevity. German technology at its finest!

As with the Das 4 Keyboard series, the Model S series shares a host of features across each of the models in the series. These common features include:

  • Cherry MX Switches With Gold Contacts (Brown on the Pro And Ultimate, Blue on the Pro For Mac)
  • Two Port USB Hub
  • Extra Long Cable – 2 meter (6.6 feet)
  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • 104 Key Layout
  • Glossy Black Upper Enclosure

Das Keyboard Price

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

The Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate is another blank design much like it’s namesake in the Keyboard 4 Pro series. Often compared to the legendary IBM Model M, Das Keyboards are ‘best in class’ and the blank keycap design, allegedly makes you type faster. Perhaps it’s because it removes the sense of doubt that we place on ourselves when we look at the board for assurance that our position is correct.

The best typists don’t look at the keyboard, they ‘trust’ what they see on the screen. So perhaps the design is to encourage people to ‘trust’ and therefore become more efficient. Or perhaps it’s a fad. General consensus does seem to be however, that there is something to it! Reserved for the bad-ass gamers and typists amongst us.

In addition to the defining blank keyboard design, the Model S Ultimate keyboard comes with Brown Cherry MX Mechanical Switches – soft and tactile, with gold contacts for an unbeatable keystroke performance. It also comes with a 2 port USB 2.0 Hub, or you can use one of the ports as a PS2 port. With the PS2 adapter, you get full n-key rollover, or with USB, 6-key rollover for anti-ghosting.

Das Keyboard Model S Professional

With its far superior and satisfying typing experience, comes the nosy buttons and huge clunky appearance. It’s very much like using an old fashioned IBM keyboard with its tactile buttons and loud typing noise from the Cherry MX Brown Switches. But with its many old school features comes a keyboard that is truly a joy to use and has some very modern features like media-control keys and a dual USB port, as well as anti-ghosting.

Yes it’s minimal in all aspects on design and functionality, but the Das S Professional is like a fine wine. A typing connoisseur would love this keyboard, due to the action of the buttons and the fact that each key is like a lovely comfy armchair for your finger tips.

Das Model S Professional For Mac

The Das Model S Professional For Mac is similar to the Model S Pro in many ways, but with a few stand out features:

  • Designed Specifically For Mac
  • Cherry MX Blue – Clicky Switches (great for typists)
  • 5 Key roll-over
  • USB Hub – 1.1 and 2.0 compatible (No PS2 adapter)

As with the Model S Pro, the keys are laser etched with bumps for the f and j key. The keys are incredibly soft, comfortable and great for those long sessions at the screen.

3. Das Smart RGB Keyboards

Das Keyboard 4Q

  • Smart Version of Das Keyboard 4
  • Controllable RGB

Das Keyboard 5Q

  • 100 M Lifecycle Switches
  • Best For Designers

Das Keyboard X50Q

  • Great For Gamers
  • Advanced Mechanical Switches

The Das Smart RGB Keyboards come in a variety of unique and defining models:

  • The Programmers dream – Das Keyboard 4Q
  • The developers delight – Das Keyboard 5Q
  • Gaming Nirvana – The Das Keyboard X50Q

Each of these keyboards is different but with a few common features and ‘smart’ features that include:

  • Q Software – You define your own color-coded notifications
  • Pre-Built Q Applets including Git Hub, Twitch, Trello, Asana, Gmail and many, many more.
  • Two-port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed hub
  • Customizable and bright RGB backlighting
  • Black Anodized Aluminum top panel
  • Full n-key rollover (NKRO)
  • 2 Meter USB cable

Beyond these common features, each of these Das Smart RGB keyboards has a stack of their own unique features that make them outstanding in the area they are designed for.

Das Keyboard 4Q

The Das Keyboard 4Q is the Smart version of the outstanding Das Keyobard 4 model. As well as all the standard features you get with the Das Keyboard 4, the 4Q also brings you a host of features tailored to making your experience ‘fluid’ and user friendly. The smart features here are not just ‘nice to have’, they are game changing. The power of the Q software and notifications add layers of value previously unavailable.

For a programmer for instance, say one of your website’s goes down, or there is a server fault or work flow you want to track. The Q software will replace the reliance on snooz-able apps, by providing you the ability to customize your own ambient tracking through the RGB keys. You can define your own needs, and the keyboard will use different RGB backlit colors to feed you information directly. The ability to customize and define functions to your own needs and specification is outstanding.

Das Keyboard 5Q

The Das Keyboard 5Q has many shared features with the 4Q with a few notable and significant differences. This one is tailored greatly for developers, reducing interruption through the ability to customize and track your own notifications on your own terms. The pre-built Q Applets open doors to information from apps without you having to keep flicking pages, tabs or annoying pop-ups diverting your attention. As the API is opensource, you can also write your own personalized apps to use yourself or share. This keyboard is a developers dream. There are other notable differences between the 5Q and the other Das Smart Keyboards, including:

  • Gamma Zulu soft tactile switches – faster typing and rated for 100 M keystrokes
  • RTO Real Time One – 0.4ms Key Press Detection and 1ms response time
  • Detachable ergonomic silicone wrist rest
  • Double Shot keycaps
  • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Das Keyboard X50Q

The Das Keyboard X50Q is predominantly a great gaming keyboard. Voted the best work/play all rounder by Mashable and it is easy to see why. It is ergonomically sound, powerfully backlit and intelligently designed. While sharing the same smart features mentioned above, including Q software and applets, there are, again, some X50Q specific features that make this keyboard stand out in the crowd. These include:

  • Gamma Zulu Soft Tactile switches – rated for 100 million keystroke actuations
  • Full n-key rollover with anti-ghosting
  • Shallower key travel than other models
  • Through-shaft LED design for brighter RGB backligting
  • Detachable wrist/palm rest and WASD gaming textured keycaps

4. Das Prime 13 White LED Keyboard

The Das Keyboard Prime 13 White LED Keyboard looks a bit like a Das Keyboard Model S, in the absence of the oversized volume knob at the familiar place at the top right of the keyboard. The shape is similar, but as the gloss-less chassis would suggest, that is about where the similarities end. The Das Keyboard Prime has it’s own rich identity, and it’s own set of charismatic, energy-efficient features. The obvious difference, is that the backlighting is a fixed white, rather than RGB. Like the Das Keyboard 4, the Prime keyboard has a anodized aluminum top panel. While it may look more like the Model S, the features within are much more like the Keyboard 4.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Das Keyboard Prime 13 has the following features:

  • Auto LED Dim – The backlighting will automatically dim after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Sleep Control – The Das keyboards include a computer sleep control button, allowing you to easily save power by putting your machine into sleep mode at the touch of a button.

Other significant features of this model include:

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  • Cherry MX Brown Switches with gold contacts
  • Sidelit media controls
  • Extra long (6.6 feet) braided cable.
  • Full n-key rollover (NKRO)
  • USB Passthrough