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  1. In the Dictionary app on your Mac, click the font size buttons in the toolbar of the Dictionary window. You can also pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out. Customize Dictionary sources. In the Dictionary app on your Mac, choose Dictionary Preferences. You can select and reorder sources, such as Spanish or Korean dictionaries.
  2. Oxford Dictionary of English for Mac OS For the Windows version please see the Oxford Dictionary of English for WordWeb. The foremost single-volume authority on the English language - revised and updated in 2010 to include the very latest vocabulary.
  3. Mac definition is - mackintosh. How to use mac in a sentence. Macaroni — commonly used in the compounds mac and cheese and mac 'n' cheese For those tired of seafood—it happens—a homey mac and cheese was the comfort food for the day.
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Did you know that your Mac and your iPhone come with high quality dictionaries?

Apple includes free bi-lingual English dictionaries for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. If you are learning any of these languages (or learning English and know any of these languages) you have easy access to these free offline dictionaries.

So where do you find these great tools? Actually it's a bit hidden.

Collins English Dictionary 9th Edition Pro features: 120,000 references, extensive word histories, extra notes on folk etymologies, usage and IPA; nearby words. Mac definition, fellow; bud (a familiar term of address to a man or boy whose name is not known to the speaker).

Dictionary app on the Mac

Your Mac comes with an app called 'Dictionary', which you find in your Applications folder.

However, by default only a few dictionaries are activated. You first need to go to the Dictionary app preferences (Dictionary Menu > Preferences) and activate the foreign language dictionaries that you need.

Now you can look up words directly in the Dictionary app or using Spotlight.

Dictionaries on the iPhone or iPad

On the mobile iOS devices you cannot directly access the dictionaries. There is no dedicated app as on the Mac.

To activate the integrated dictionaries go to System Settings > General > Dictionary. There you can activate and download the languages you need.

Using the built-in dictionaries in Wokabulary

The Apple dictionaries are directly integrated in macOS and iOS, so you can access them from any native app.

On the Mac you can look up a word directly from within Wokabulary, by performing a force touch or three-finger-touch on it. (You might need to activate this feature in System Settings > Touchpad)

On your iPhone or iPad you can look up words by selecting it and then choosing 'Look Up' from the action menu.

Using a Wireless Keyboard and MouseIf you purchased an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mouse with your Power Mac G5, connect the Bluetooth antenna that came with your computer to the Bluetooth antenna port (◊) on the back of your Power Mac G5. With someApple displays, you can also turn on the computer using the display’s power button. For instructions about opening the side panel, see “Opening the Computer” on page 44.2 Plug the power cord firmly and completely into the recessed power cord socket on the back of the computer and plug the other end into a grounded outlet or power strip.Power cord socketPower cord plug6Chapter 1 Getting Started. Mac tower g5. KeyboardMouseNote: If the keyboard cable is not long enough to reach a USB port on your computer, you can use the keyboard extension cable that came with your computer.Apple keyboard extension cable6 Turn on your computer by pressing the power button (®) on the front. If your display must be turned on separately, turn it on by pressing its power button.

The technology has been evolving to a great extent, where people are switching over from books to iPhones effectively.

There are a lot of dictionary apps in the Apple market, which can be used to find out the meaning. It is essential to understand and find the perfect app for the regular user to be precise and productive regularly.

If you want to know which is the best dictionary app for Mac, iPhone, or iPad in 2020, then here’s the solution for you. Dictionary apps are available in various languages, as people would prefer to multi-language to understand the work quickly and effectively.

It is evident that every individual would be in need of more than a couple of best dictionary apps on the iPhone or an iPad, as it helps them to understand the meaning of the work without compromising on the time on a regular basis.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Top 10 Best Dictionary App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad in 2020

Top 10 Best Dictionary App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad in 2020

1. Oxford Dictionary – Best Dictionary App for iPhone

The legacy of the dictionary dates back to a few decades, as Oxford has been printing a dictionary for a long time. It is evident that people would prefer to download and use Oxford as their ultimate reference app for its quality.

As the app is known to provide a complete guide and reference for a particular word. So it is evident that people would prefer to use this dictionary app for the iPhone in order to learn the word in detail from time to time.

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2. Collins English Dictionary – Best Dictionary for iPhone

Not every individual in the world would be looking forward to having an amateur dictionary to learn new words regularly.

Collins English dictionary is the best option for advanced users, as it can provide a detailed answer with contexts.

Best english dictionary for mac

The Collins Dictionary app for iPhone has a list of more than 2 billion words, which are known to be constantly updated.

It is essential for an advanced user to download an advanced dictionary app for iPhone or iPad, as it helps them to look at the words and understand without effectively wasting time.

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3. Merriam Webster Dictionary+

Merriam-Webster is one of the best dictionary apps used by a lot of people from different parts of the world.

The app is designed for people, who are looking for a regular reference of the words to learn and understand easily.

It is easier to learn new words in the app, as it has been designed well to use it effectively. The Merriam Webster provides an option for people to use the voice search on the device and find the words easily.

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English dictionary for word mac

4. Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus


The app is known to be powerful compared to any other dictionary app for iPhone in the market because of its features.

The fast & light dictionary app provides many options for users, which helps them to find different kinds of words effectively. The interface is a big hit in the market and known to find various words in a quick time.

5. Dictionary.com Pro – Best Dictionary App for iPhone

French English Dictionary For Mac Free Download

Dictionary.com Pro has more one of the oldest dictionary app on the market, which has attracted a lot of students to download.


The app has more than two million definitions and synonymous with words, which are known to be reliable to use regularly. The app provides an opportunity for people to learn the meaning of the words with pronunciation from time to time.

Dictionary English For Mac

As the applications are known to provide various options, it is evident that people would prefer to use the application on their iPad or iPhone based on the requirement on a regular basis.

Best English Dictionary For Mac

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6. Word Lookup

Word lookup is more like a fun app, which can be used to learn new words. The word lookup dictionary app for iPad provides various options for users to play with letters and understand the meaning quickly and easily.

The app has more than 1.5 million English words and learned by playing on the app regularly.

7. Wordbook (Universal)

This is a free dictionary app for iPhone and iPad, which can be used to learn different words with pronunciation.

The word book app has more than 70000 usage samples with 23000 root word origins for words, which helps people to know and understand the word and its specialization from time to time.

Many people are using Wordbook dictionary app for iPhone, as it has the best user interface across the world.

8. iTranslate

iTranslate has been used by a lot of people to perform voice to voice translation from various languages.

The app is important for people to check for the effective translation of a particular word in different languages.

As learning new words play a crucial role for every user, it is easier for people to use the translate application.

9. WordWeb Dictionary

English Dictionary For Mac

Word-web is one of the best dictionary apps for iPhone in the market, which is available for free to download on Apple devices.

A lot of people are using Word web dictionary app, as it helps them o understand the word with a context. It is highly essential for every dictionary app developers to provide various options to understand easily from time to time.

The search results and the filters have been efficient and provide options to save time and learn effectively and regularly.

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10. Dictionary

Dictionary is one of the famous dictionary apps for iPad, many people from different parts of the world are using this best dictionary app regularly.

It has attracted a lot of users in the market, as it provides effective translation to and from other languages.

It is evident that the applications are known to provide various user-friendly options, which can be used to translate and understand the meaning of a particular work effectively.

The app provides everyday updates and new words, which helps people to learn new words on a regular basis.

In Conclusion

It is necessary for every user to have a dictionary app on their device, as it helps them find the meaning of different words with pronunciation from time to time.

The multi-language options have been a boon for travelers to find proper words and meanings for a long time now. It’s important to know and understand different apps, as it helps users to find the right app for the requirement.

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