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Avast Security for Mac is a free, lightweight security app that protects in real-time against malware, unsafe websites, dangerous downloads, malicious email attachments, and infected external drives. Avast Security for Mac is our free anti-malware and security app for your Mac. Use it to detect and remove hidden malware and expose security vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network. Avast Free Mac Security Learn more. The big friendly “You Are Protected” green checkmark on Avast Security Pro’s home screen is certainly a plausible statement. The software is a. Open the Avast Security user interface using one of the following methods: Click the Avast Security.

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Avast has been one of the most controversial antiviruses almost since its launch. On the one hand, it helps to detect threats and notify you when malware attacks your OS. On the other hand, antiviruses like Avast are often conflicting with one another and other apps. That can be the reason why some users want to remove this software from their computers.

So, today, we’re going to talk about Avast Security and ways of removing it from your Mac completely.

What is Avast Security?

Avast antivirus for mac

Avast Security is the all-in-one security tool for both PC and Mac computers. Avast combines threat-detection tools and password management utilities that are meant to ensure the safety of your device and prevent it from being infected with malware.

Although, many users claim that Avast proved useful over the years, now more and more people get frustrated by its extremely slow performance, excessive resource consumption, and numerous pop-ups during the day. The malware detection abilities of this antivirus don’t seem to overweight all the issues users come upon while utilizing Avast. So, if you are among those who can’t uninstall Avast but want to stop using this antivirus, we can help you with that.

How to remove Avast from your Mac?

There are so many antiviruses to choose from, so you may find yourself considering switching to other anti-malware options. Avast, on the other hand, doesn’t prevent or by any means make it difficult to delete the antivirus. There are no Avast uninstall utility for Mac, but we will show you the easy way of removing this antivirus. Follow the instructions to remove the Avast Security entirely from your Mac:

  1. Open Avast.
  2. Click Avast in the menu bar in the top left of your Mac.
  3. Select Uninstall Avast Security.
  4. In the window that appears, click Uninstall.
  5. You will be required to enter your username and password to confirm the action.
  6. Click Quit to complete uninstallation.

Now you won’t receive any annoying notifications from Avast on your Mac. But, one of the issues that you may come across soon is the remaining Avast files.

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Free Avast Security For Mac

Removing Avast from your Mac, you are leaving it vulnerable to threats. Consider using another software like CleanMyMac X, which both monitors your Mac for malware and lets you manage your data easily.

Delete leftover data

The thing is when you uninstall Avast from your Mac, you only remove the actual app. Although, you don’t, at the same time, delete the files and data the app generated on your Mac. You can explore these routes to find and delete all leftover files associated with Avast Security:



It’s easy to locate these files on your Mac and remove them to free up some space. But, if you don’t want to look for leftover data manually, we have even more simple method to remove both Avast and the associated data altogether.

Free Avast Security For MacDownload avast for mac

Download Avast For Mac

How to remove Avast and the associated data all at once?

Avast Security Mac Review

To delete Avast and its remaining files from your Mac once and forever, we recommend using CleanMyMac X. It is an ultimate cleaning tool for macOS that can help you optimize the performance of your machine and clean it of old and large files. Here’s how to uninstall Avast Antivirus and remove its leftover data with Clean My Mac X:

  1. Download your free version of CleanMyMac X here.
  2. Install and launch the application.
  3. Select the Uninstaller module from the list of features on the left.
  4. Find Avast in the list of apps and check the box next to it
  5. Click Uninstall to let CleanMyMac X remove the app.
  6. CleanMyMac X will then remove Avast from your Mac.

There are, of course, some remaining data left on your Mac. To remove it, check the Leftovers tab in the Uninstaller module. Here, select the leftover files and click Clean to let the app erase the unnecessary data from your Mac.

Download Avast Free For Mac

Due to the fact that Avast runs in a background mode, CleanMyMac X may request you to quit the application before deleting it. Open Activity Monitor to terminate all Avast processes and successfully remove the app from your Mac.

If you aren’t satisfied with Avast Security anymore, you can simply delete it and its remaining data. You can either uninstall Avast from its menu and then remove the leftover data from the Library. Or you can use CleanMyMac X to clean your Mac of Avast and associated data in one go.