Installing Parallels For Mac


Almost all users who purchase a subscription for Parallels Desktop do so with one goal in mind: to install Windows on Mac. Parallels Desktop Mac Business Edition will help you and your employees easily work with Windows programs on Mac, running even the most demanding applications effortlessly.

Downloading and installing Parallels Desktop 15 on Mac was straightforward. The latest setup file was a little over 210 MB, and it immediately started downloading Windows 10 after it was installed. The installation process was also fast — the speed depends on the speed of your Mac. Parallels Tools do not install automatically in a Boot Camp-based virtual machine. Click the Actions menu in the macOS menu bar and select Install Parallels Tools. Once the installation is finished, restart the virtual machine. 13: A virtual machine crashes when a user logs in to Windows. Fixed in 16.0.0. MacOS Big Sur as a virtual machine: 1. You need a Mac computer, Parallels Desktop software, Windows 10 ISO file. And if you want a better performance of Windows 10 on Mac, in this case, you need to have a nice Mac computer. After that, you download Parallels desktop, you need to run that double click on the software to launch.

Before proceeding, you should have already signed up for Parallels My Account. In this article, you’ll learn how to how to install and activate Parallels Desktop. Only then can you install Windows on Mac.

How do you install Windows on Mac?


Installing Windows on Mac is a crucial step to being able to run Windows applications on a macOS® device. To be able to do this, you first need to install a Windows virtualization tool on your Mac computer, such as Parallels Desktop. Parallels Desktop is not only perfectly compatible with any Windows program—it’s also fast, secure, and designed for rapid mass deployments.

Installing Parallels For Mac

How to install Parallels Desktop

  1. Download the Parallels Desktop installer to your Mac.
  2. Double-click the .dmg installation file to mount it in Finder, then double-click Install.
  3. Read through the Software License Agreement and click Accept.
  4. Once prompted, enter your local Mac user password to finalize the installation.

Next, you’ll activate Parallels Desktop Business Edition.

How to activate Parallels Desktop Business Edition

  1. Start Parallels Desktop by double-clicking the icon.
  2. If the first screen that opens is the Installation Assistant, Skip it for now. The Installation Assistant helps you install Windows—you can run this at a later time.
  3. Go to the Parallels Desktop dropdown menu, and then click Account & License.

4. This opens the Sign-in dialog box.

5. Click on the Business Edition button at the lower-left corner, which opens the Enter Business Key dialog. This then prompts you to enter your Parallels Desktop Business Edition license key. After entering it, click Activate.

6. If your activation was successful, you’ll see a confirmation message.

And just like that, your Parallels Desktop Business Edition is installed, activated and ready for Windows installation!

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Read “How to Install Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop for Mac” for the complete instructions on how to install Windows on Mac.

Experience how easy it is to install Windows on Mac

Using Parallels On Mac

Installing parallels for macInstalling

With Parallels Desktop Business Edition, you can install Windows on Mac across your organization without breaking a sweat. Try it out yourself. Download the free trial now.


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Installing Parallels For Mac And Windows 10

Installing Parallels For Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Parallels For Mac Free

  1. 1. Customers who purchased and registered a copy of Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac from the Parallels Online Store or an authorized reseller on or after August 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020, are eligible for an upgrade to the next version of Parallels Desktop for Mac at no charge, subject to certain conditions. For details on the Tech Guarantee 2020, please visit the Tech Guarantee page.
    Note: : If you have a subscription for Parallels Desktop for Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, or Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, you can upgrade Parallels Desktop to the latest version with the license you own. Download and install Parallels Desktop 16 and use your subscription license for activation.
  2. You should receive your upgrade key within 7 days after the new version of Parallels Desktop for Mac becomes available. The upgrade key will be sent to the email that was used for registration of your Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac license.
    If you have not yet registered your copy of Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac, please register it in your Parallels account.
  1. Does Windows come pre-installed with Parallels Desktop for Mac?
    Windows is not included with your purchase of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Windows can be purchased directly from Microsoft or retail stores. Please visit KB 9003 for additional information.
  2. Will Parallels run on my current Mac hardware?
    A full list of system and hardware requirements can be found here.
  3. What is the difference between Standard and Pro Editions?
    Visit KB 123296.
  4. What is the difference between a permanent license and a subscription?
    Visit KB 122929.
  5. Can I use my license on multiple Mac computers?
    Parallels licenses are valid only on one Mac per license. For more information, please reference www.parallels.com/about/eula/.
  6. Do you have discounts for Students/Education Staff/offer academic licenses?
    Yes. For more information on Education licenses, visit KB 113630.
  7. Is there a trial version of Parallels Desktop for Mac I can evaluate before purchasing?
    Yes, Parallels offers a free 14 day trial at www.parallels.com/products/desktop/trial/
  1. Install or upgrade to the latest version of Parallels Desktop for Mac.
    Visit KB 124250.
  2. Install Windows in Parallels Desktop for Mac.
    Visit KB 4729.
  3. Migrate my current Windows PC to a Parallels Desktop for Mac virtual machine.
    For instructions, visit KB 123929.
  4. Register and activate Parallels Desktop for Mac.
    Visit KB 124225.
  5. Launch Windows from Parallels Desktop for Mac.
    Visit KB 115170.
  6. Upgrade my license to Pro Edition
    Visit KB 123159.
  7. Install Quicken, MS Office or other software in Windows virtual machine.
    Visit KB 119310.
  8. Learn how to use the Coherence mode.
    Visit KB 4670.
  9. Learn how to use the Parallels Desktop sharing tools.
    Visit KB 122567.

Parallels For Mac Pro

  1. What is Parallels Toolbox?
    Visit KB 123903 and KB 124200 to learn about Parallels Toolbox for Mac and for Windows.
  2. How can I get Parallels Toolbox?
    See KB 123902 about Parallels Toolbox for Mac and KB 124202 about the Windows version.
  3. How do I install Parallels Toolbox?
    Visit KB 123904 for information on the Mac version, and KB 124183 to learn how to install the Windows one.

Problems Installing Parallels For Mac

  1. How to give more hard disk space to a Windows virtual machine?
    Visit KB 113972.
  2. How can I improve virtual machine performance on my Mac?
    Visit KB 112091 .
  3. How to reinstall Parallels Tools in Windows Guest OS?
    Visit KB 4841.
  4. Fix network issues in a Windows virtual machine.
    Visit KB 8978.
  5. Free up disk space on Mac.
    Visit KB 123553.
  6. Fix 'There's not enough disk space available to start the Windows virtual machine.'
    Visit KB 10117.
  7. Fix 'Unable to connect USB device to virtual machine now. Try to connect this USB device later.'
    Visit KB 10136.