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Flaunt your favourite eye look with highly pigmented, blendable MAC single eyeshadows, available in a variety of hues and textures. I hope you enjoy this brown series edgy look! I only use an eyeshadow to make things more easier for you to re-create home. The shade is very univ.

Let’s face it—shopping for a quality product is more effort than it should be, and due to the number of emerging product brands out there, it can be more intimidating than we’d like for it to be. However, when you’re in search of the best mac eyeshadows for brown eyes on the market, why not let someone else do the shopping for you?

When it comes to the best mac eyeshadows, we highly recommend that you try out the MAC Small Eye Shadow Satin Taupe shade. This is one of the easiest shades to work with and should blend extremely well with all skin types. Also it is highly pigmented and has plenty of sheen.

For those who want the best mac eyeshadows for brown eyes, we highly recommend you try out the MAC Small Eye Shadow in the Satin Taupe. For many people, this is the one color to rule them all. First and foremost, for the Mac lineup, this taupe color is king if you are looking for plenty of pigment and sheen.

It is the ultimate color for versatility as well as this Satin Taupe shade tends to blend in very well with all sorts of different skin types, although it is a little less neutral than we would like. And finally, just keep in mind that it does a really good job of staying put and is definitely made to be worn all day without having to reapply.

Next, we have the Mac Eye Shadow Palette, which is the best mac eyeshadows for brown eyes is if you want something with a wide range of colors and textures. We like how you have plenty of shade combinations that you can make from these predominantly rose hues. And you also get plenty of different textures from matte to lustre to frost.

With this palette, you get 9 different palettes that are packed in one complete compact and portable kit that you can take with you on the road. Also, we really think all of these hues work really well with brown eyes. It gives your brown eyes a bit of contrast depending on which shades you use.

Another really nice product when it comes to the best mac eyeshadows for brown eyes is the Mac Matte Brown Script. It sort of has this nice brick red color. Most people really like it because it has this nice matte finish and really makes your brown eyes pop. Also, many people think that this color blends in well with other colors.

Overall, the consistency is very good and it lasts for quite a long time. It is also very easy to apply and doesn’t flake too much. The one thing we should tell you is that this shade definitely has a lot more red than brown in it. So it definitely won’t match your eye colors as some people fear.

The Mac Eye Shadow Vanilla is another industry classic that we think works very well with brown eyes. The quality is amazing and definitely up to Mac standards. We really like it because it has this perfectly blended beige vanilla color that can’t really be pinpointed to a particular color in the color wheel.

Mac For Brown Eyes

It is really good at highlighting eye corners and under the eye brow. And we think it works great for those who have fair skin and brown eyes as it gives a noticeable and pleasing contrast. The only real issue we came across with this particular shade is that it tends to flake more than other mac products and just doesn’t seem to last as long.

Lastly, we have the Mac Eye Shadow Brun Shade, which is this nice satin brownish black hue for those who want a darker shade. We can’t say that this shade is for everyone as most people like lighter neutral shades, but this one is definitely a popular for those who like darker shades.

What we can say is that it is a highly pigmented powder that applies very evenly and blends extremely well. It can also be used both wet or dry. And finally, we like how it looks despite it being blackish brown, it is still quite popular just given the richness in pigment and how it will last longer than other brands.


Top 10 MAC Eye shadows for Brown Indian Skin

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By Contributor: Kritika

MAC is a well-known brand in the cosmetics industry. The products are reckoned for their premier quality and classic finish. Thus, it would be right to say that each product is a masterpiece. Today we shall be talking about the best MAC eye shadows which will suit our dark Indian skin tones with prominent yellow undertones. Most of us Indians have hazel or dark brown eyes so these shade recommendations will go well with them too. My focus is bringing you some unheard names in the eyeshadows by MAC. I’ve tried to include almost all the shades you will ever need from black to neutral, blue to green, pink to orange. So go ahead get a customized palette of these shades and rock that beautiful skin tone of yours.

1. MAC Sweet Lust Eyeshadow

Mac Eyeshadow Combinations For Brown Eyes

The color is a blend of pink and mauve. An evening out with friends or a presentation at work, Sweet Lust is that perfect color for all occasions. Gives a little sheen to the eyes so works as an all over lid colour as well.

2. MAC Orange Eyeshadow

Orange is one shade which has been trending from quite sometime and continues to do so. The vibrant hue instantly gets a smile to your face. It applies evenly and is very well pigmented. Happy Independence day!

3. MAC Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow

Atlantic Blue is an electric blue color that is perfect mac eyeshadow for Indian skin tone. Match it with your outfit or create a contrasting effect, this one would fetch you unending compliments for sure. Works well for a blue smokey eye for clubbing. Wear it sheerly during the day.

4. MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow

How can we miss a brown eye shadow?? It is the perfect shade for dark olive skin. Charcoal Brown is a hazelnut brown color that you’d fall in love with. Its matte so would work really nice as a crease colour for blending out other shades. Very well pigmented too.

5. MAC Gorgeous Gold Eyeshadow

Gold is one color that will never go out of fashion. You can combine Gorgeous Gold with a different color or wear it standalone for added drama. It is a very festive color so can be used for almost all your Indian wedding makeup looks. Can be used as an all over lid shade.

6. MAC Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow

It is a lovely purple color which would be perfect for Indian skin, especially if you are dark skinned. A rather bold color to experiment, the quality is par excellence. One stroke and you are good to go. Compliments brown eyes beautifully.

7. MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

A happy green color, well that’s Swimming by MAC for you. Deep pigmented particles, even application and dazzling color – Swimming is the amalgamation of all of these. Browser free for mac os versions. And it is a know fact that green suits our brown Indian eyes the best. Gives a little shimmer so makes for a nice bridal shade.

8. MAC Bronze Eyeshadow

Bronze is that one color without which your make-up kit would be incomplete. It is flamboyant yet subtle at the same time. And the added advantage, it goes very well with fair to dark skin quite well. Works really well with smokey bronze eye makeup. It is one shade that multitasks in almost every eye makeup look.

9. MAC Passionate Eyeshadow

If you see the world with rose colored glasses, then you would fall in love with this color. A mix of rose and magenta, the color is so deep and rich that it would surely become your favorite. Quite bold to carry honestly but if you have your makeup skills in place then you can rock this pink shade.

Mac Colors For Brown Eyes


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10. MAC Typographic Eyeshadow

Admit it that you all have dreamt of having that gorgeous smokey eye effect! Typographic is the ideal color to get the effect. A dark grey black shade that glides effortlessly and gives you an opulent look, what else can you ask for? Better than MAC Carbon in terms of pigmentation.

So these were the top 10 eye shadows that perfectly compliment our dusky Indian complexion. Hope you got your favorite color in the list. If not tell us your recommendations.

Which is your favourite MAC eyeshadow? Share your views with us.