Mac Theme For Linux Mint 17


This is a specially designed Cinnamon theme looking like Apple’s macOS for Linux. This simple tutorial shows how to install ‘McMojave’, a Mac OS Mojave like theme, in Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10. Following steps will first download and install the GTK theme, icons theme, and a set of wallpapers. And then apply new themes and tweak the left dock to make your Ubuntu desktop look like Mac OS X.

Sep 23, 2020 Hello friends, the new Linux Mint version 20 just came out. In this article, I will show you how to customize it to look like the Mac OS. So let’s go first I will download the theme for the Mint desktop. I’ll download the dark theme and the light theme. The links will stay in this post. Silk is a flat dark theme for Linux Mint. It has a beautiful bright green accent to it, which blends nicely with the classic Mint color. The user interface is quite simple yet aesthetically pleasant. The start menu button is actually a Linux Mint logo. If you set it up with a green techy wallpaper and custom icon pack, it will bring a fresh vibe.

Hello friends, the new Linux Mint version 20 just came out. In this article, I will show you how to customize it to look like the Mac OS.

1. Add Themes

So let’s go first I will download the theme for the Mint desktop. I’ll download the dark theme and the light theme.

The links will stay in this post. After I have downloaded the compressed files in my download folder I will unzip them right here.

I will delete these compressed files so they don’t bother me.

Now I’m going to copy them. Go to my HOME. Use the Ctrl + H shortcut to see hidden files. Then enter the folder, themes, and paste the folders there.

Now let’s get into the system settings. Then Themes. I will select the borders of the window with the Mojave-light theme. NO, the icons do not come with this theme, we will change the icons later. Switch controls to Mojave-light. And global theme too.

2. Move Panel Up

Now let’s move this panel upwards. With the panel edit mode activated, we will decrease the panel height.

3. Move Buttons Left

Now in the settings, let’s move the buttons to the left side.

4. Install Plank

Open the terminal, let’s install a dock.

$ Sudo apt install plank – It is a lightweight dock. I’m going to start Plank.

It wasn’t supposed to appear like this, I was testing it and forgot to undo the settings. Let’s take the opportunity to remove these icons from up here.

5. Set Up Plank

To configure Plank click Ctrl + right-click, then preferences. Configure as you like. My Plank theme is already installed but it doesn’t matter, I’ll show you how to install it.

6. Install Theme For Plank

Download the Catalinas theme for Plank. I will download the latter, but you can test others as well. Let’s copy the already unzipped folder. local share plank themes Paste here.

7. Add Icons To The Plank

To add an icon to the dock, first, open something, then right-click on the program icon and check the box, Keep in Dock.

To remove from the dock, just pull it out. Organize however you want. It doesn’t work that way!

8. Install Synapse

Now let’s open the terminal again and install the synapse. Synapse is a really cool fast launcher, similar to Apple’s. Once installed, the Shortcut, Ctrl + Space is the default shortcut to open it, but you can change to the shortcut you want, as long as it does not conflict with other shortcuts. Click to start with the system.

9. Change Menu Icon

I don’t really like that part, but if you want, you can exchange the Linux mint logo for the apple logo. So, let’s go. Search for the Apple logo on the internet preferably .png with transparency, otherwise, it will not be cool. We will add a separator before the menu so that it is not so glued to the corner. What f* it’s so hard to move.

10. Change Background

Search, and save some Mac OS wallpaper on the internet so you can set it as a background.

11. Change System Icons

Now let’s download and install Cupertino Icons for our Linux. After downloaded and unzipped we will copy to .icons and paste here. You can also change everything to the dark theme if you want.

We just need to change the cursor now. You can’t leave the Linux Mint with the Cinamon desktop environment exactly like Mac OS It is not as customizable as some Linux distro that uses KDE as a desktop environment for example.

But if you know a few more tricks to customize or make the usability of the mint better.

Leave it in the comments.

Hello everyone, welcome to another Linux Mint Tutorial. On this post, you will find some of the best themes for Linux Mint 19 that you can use to makeover Linux Mint. I was a bit boring with the default theme of my Linux Mint 19. Well, its not bad but I need something more fresh. There are many great GTK3 themes out there ready for Linux Mint. With a little efforts, we can make Linux Mint 19 way better look. I know, this is a matter of preferences. If you have other themes that are not in the list, please leave us comment and we will update this list.

The Best Themes for Linux Mint 19

A. Windows 10 Transformation Pack

If you just migrate from Windows to Linux Mint 19, you will love this theme. Windows 10 Transformation Pack is a nice Windows 10 theme for Linux. It works pretty well on Linux Mint 19. When combined with the Windows 10 icon pack, this Windows Transformation Pack looks great. Sandisk secure access software.


B. Mac OS Mojave Theme

Well, this could be the one I love the most. I always use this Mac OS theme on every Linux desktop I use. The McOS Mint is available for Cinnamon desktop. It blend perfectly on my Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.

Combine with the MacOS icon theme to get the most of it. McOS-Theme is the best Mac OS X Mojave theme for Linux.

Mac Theme For Linux Mint 17 Download


C. Canta Theme

Canta is a refreshing theme for Linux. There are many variants available. Its a flat material design for GTK3, GTK2 and Gnome Shell. It also works with Cinnamon desktop.

D. Pop Remix Theme

Pop Remix is a modification of the PopOS theme. PopOS is the System76 Operating system based on Ubuntu. Pop Remix brings PopOS feel into Linux Mint 19.

Mac Os Theme For Linux Mint 19

E. X-Arc Themes

Mac Theme For Linux Mint 17 To 19

Arc Theme also my favorite theme. It comes with a clean and tidy controls. The window control does not available in Cinnamon. I combine it with the McOS and it looks great.

There are many variants available for X-Arc Theme. You can download them from this link.

Mac Theme For Linux Mint 17 To 18

Final Thoughts

There are still many great themes out there. You can also use the built-in theme downloader that comes with Linux Mint.

Mac Theme For Linux Mint 17 3 To 18 Free

Thanks for reading The Best Themes for Linux Mint 19. See you on the next article.