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To reduce clutter and increase the amount of space on your office or home desk, we all require a wireless keyboard and mouse. Having wires all over your counter can be daunting and can lead to silly accidents. So, to reduce unnecessary accidents we need a good Wireless Mouse and Keyboard.

Instead of picking the Mouse and Keyboard for your Macbook separately its a smart decision to buy a combo of these two together. There are many wireless and Bluetooth; keyboard and mouse combos are available for Macbooks or iMac Computers. It helps in reducing the cost and time of purchasing these devices separately. So, It’s definitely a smart decision to buy a keyboard and mouse together.

  1. Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Wireless Mouse: With a scroll wheel and stealth thumb guides, this mouse allows you to comfortably navigate features on your computer. An included Unifying USB receiver lets you wirelessly connect the mouse and up to 6 other devices (sold separately) to your PC or Mac. See all Wireless & Bluetooth Mice.
  2. VicTsing Wireless Mouse, 2.4 G Slim Cordless Mouse with Noiseless Click, Computer Mouse with Nano Receiver for Laptop, PC, Computer, Notebook, Mac, Black by VicTsing 4.4 4,759.

Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2. Redesigned to be fully rechargeable and even more of a joy to use. Universally compatible for MAC and PC: no drivers - works perfectly as a for Apple wireless mice, iMac mouse, MacBook air mouse, computer mouse for MacBook pro and for any windows desktop PC Notebook- Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus etc.

Today, I’ll tell you about the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for Mac. I have tested most of these, and I am pretty sure these are some of the top and best Mouse and Keyboard combos for your Macbook or iMac. Before that, let’s find out the most important things to know before buying any Wireless Mouse and Keyboards. If you’re not interested in knowing all these details, you can jump to the best Wireless Combos Section.

How Does a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Work?

The wireless keyboard and mouse use the infrared or radio frequency (RF) technology to send the signal to your Mac. Currently, most of these gadgets use radio frequency technology. For those that use the radio frequency technology, a receiver and transmitter facilitate communication between the gadgets and Mac. All you need is to plug in the receiver on the USB port, and you are ready to use the wireless keyboard and mouse.

These are not the only technologies they use. The other is Bluetooth technology. You can enable the Bluetooth connectivity of your Mac and pair the Keyboard and Mouse together or separately, then and start using this device.

Due to them being wireless, they require batteries as a source of power. Some have rechargeable batteries; hence you have to charge them before use. However, not all models use such batteries others require you to use primary cells.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Mods for mac. There are very many things you as a buyer need to consider before purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. In this guide, we are specific, and you need to buy such a device for the Mac operating system. There are similar products whose use is for other operating systems.

That’s why, as you continue reading, you will get to know about the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for Mac.

So, here are things you must consider before you purchase such a product.


The brand of a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is essential. Why do I say so? Because they are reputable and many customers trust products from the company. This doesn’t mean that new brands are not good, but as you shop consider a trustworthy brand.


Efficiency and comfort as you work or game are essential. That’s why you require a keyboard and mouse that have a design that provides you with ease and efficiency.

Main Purpose

How are you going to use this device? It is the first question you should ask yourself before purchasing a keyboard and mouse combo. For your information, there are those meant for work and gaming. So, research extensively before buying.


Previously I informed you about different technologies wireless keyboard and mouse combo use. In that perspective, when buying this device, consider the technique that suits you. Check the specifications before making your final decision.


Does the keyboard and mouse combo have a warranty? This is vital in case you encounter any problems with the product. Visit the product page and check whether it has a warranty or not. In case you don’t see the warranty please contact the seller or manufacturer.

Benefits of Using a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Mac

Apart from this device being able to reduce clutter (tangled wires) and increasing the amount of space on your office or home desk. They are also portable. Which means you can travel with it anywhere without any problems.

Presently, rubber is one of the materials used in making wireless keyboards, making it foldable. Furthermore, for those who love gaming, there are those made for this specific use. Hence, making it easy for you to play your favorite game online or offline.

What is the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Macbook?

After extensive research and trying on different products, we have concluded these five wireless keyboards and mouse combos are the best choices for Mac. Read one at a time before you pick your excellent product.

iClever GK08 Combo for Mac

For those who care about precision typing, the highly responsive scissor switches in this wireless keyboard will make them feel right at home. It types quietly, and the increased stability of the buttons lower tip noise and make them even more accurate. You can press every keystroke on this wireless keyboard and mouse, but you don’t need to hear it! The bottom of the keyboard is designed with anti-slide pads so it will stay in place when you’re typing quickly

iClever GK08 Review & Features

You don’t have to change or frequently charge the wireless keyboard’s battery, as it has a lithium-ion battery to give you up to 90 hours of continuous use on one charge. When you’re not using them, both the mouse and keyboard will go on standby to save energy. Just click the mouse or hit any key of the wireless keyboard to wake them up.

Get the wireless range you need as well as great connectivity with this wireless keyboard and mouse. You can use it with your Mac OS device. Simply plug one small, convenient USB receiver into your computer, which automatically connects both the keyboard and mouse, no need for two separate receivers! It has a stable connection and has no lag time.

This wireless keyboard offers a full keyboard layout for every kind of typing. Its thin profile and lightweight keep a small footprint on your desk. The keyboard includes a foot that keeps it at a maximum slope, which prevents your wrists from hurting during long sessions of typing. Finished with stylish matte silver, it will look sleek and attractive at your desk. The keys are spill-resistant so that your white keyboard will stay safe against any coffee accident.

Mice For Macbook Pro

iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is probably the best for Macbook. It is our favorite pick and the overall best. Whether you want to use this in your home or office or college this is probably the best.

WisFox 2.4G Full-Size Slim Keyboard Mouse

The WisFox wireless keyboard is small, thus making it appropriate to travel with. It has a stable micro receiver that can be connected to the keyboard and mouse with only one USB port. You can plug it and start using it instantly, as you don’t require other drivers for it to work. It uses 2.4G wireless technology; hence it has a stable connection and it’s effective in a long-range way.

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo has silent buttons that enable you to enjoy a comfortable, smooth typing and click. Hotkeys provide easy access to applications and media controls.

The quiet wireless keyboard has a comfortable typing angle preventing you from strain as you work. This product is suitable for different uses such as tutoring, office, or working from home. Furthermore, it saves you time and makes work and life more comfortable.

The mouse has 3 DPI levels (800/1200/1600 DPI). With these DPI levels, it allows you to change the cursor sensitivity easily and works smoothly on different surfaces. Additionally, the mouse has a contour shape which prevents you from getting tired as you use the keyboard and mouse.


The Fenifox Keyboard and Mouse Combo are compatible with iMac and MacBook. It has a slope angle for Comfortable Use Feeling. Your fingers will not ache after using it for longer times also. For smooth typing and sensitive response, Fenifox has a whisper-quiet button scissor-key-switch. Hence, the keyboard keys produce a low volume while the mouse button is quiet.


This wireless keyboard and mouse are easy to use and connect faster to your Mac device. With a 2.4G Nano Receiver, you can use the keyboard or mouse far from your Mac computer. Concise Style, Save, Portable to Carry. For adequate space on your work or home desk, its full size is 14.5×5.8×0.2 inches. Furthermore, the keyboard is Ultra-thin. For fast typing, this gadget has 102 Keys. The device is portable as it is Ultra-thin hence you can carry it in your backpack. It is perfect for Business Travel, Office, Home, Cafe, Many Public Occasions.

Gamcatz Cordless Ergonomic Ultra

The Gamcatz wireless keyboard and mouse set can be connected to your Mac device by a nano USB receivers. You can use it for work, gaming, or study on your Mac. For you who love traveling, this device works perfectly as it’s portable. The full-sized keyboard can meet all your needs at work. Even if you work for several hours, you will not feel pain or tired because of the tilt angle of this ergonomic ultra-thin keyboard.

The Gamcatz wireless mouse can fit your use as it has three levels of adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600). Additionally, it uses 2.4GHz technology for a stable connection. The keyboard and mouse combo works in a wide range of about 28 feet. This is possible as it uses a tiny nano USB receiver.

Gamcatz mouse has an in-built 500mAh lithium battery which lasts up to 3 months. The battery is rechargeable and takes one and a half hours to charge fully. With the intelligent auto-sleep function on both devices will help to keep your battery life.

You can use this device at night if you always or want to work. It has low-profile keys and scissors switch which provides you with a top-notch experience. The mouse doesn’t make lots of noise. The keyboard angle is precisely made for typing; hence no issues can arise even if you spend lots of hours typing.


Hong Ting is a combination of a keyboard and mouse provided by Hong Ting. It has an ergonomic and slim design, which makes it flexibly portable. It also has a number pad and effective connectivity of 2.4G. It appears with a 5.5 inches of length and 14.5 inches of width.

It is slightly slanted for the user’s comfort and convenience with a lope angle of fourteen degrees. It has several features in its keys and has indicators for different features as well. It has a 10m connection distance. The mouse is 4.33 inches long and 2.3 inches wide with a USB receiver connected to the computer.

This combination is available in rose gold, silvery, and silvery-white colors. This combination is compatible with a wide range of devices.


Mice for the mac versions

The product is a rechargeable wireless keyboard and mouse combination from Chonchow. It is not only wireless but also an ergonomic design, with a stable connection of 2.4G and a number pad. It has a long-life battery.

It has an adjustable slant for the relative comfort of the user. The keyboard has low profile keys that allow it to be operated comfortably and silently. It also has sensitive and soft keystrokes. The mouse is 4.23 inches long and 2.36 inches wide with whisper-quiet and durable buttons, hence suitable for use for both low volume and high volume sounds.

The mouse is also adjustable. It has a USB receiver that is connected to the computer, thus allowing the operation of your Mac PC with the mouse at a flexible range. This product has a broad range of compatibility.

ORIGINTECH Keyboard and Mouse Combo

OriginTech is a combination of keyboard and mouse provided by ORIGINTECH and distributed by Amazon. It has an ergonomic and slim design, which makes it flexibly portable. It also has a number pad and effective connectivity of 2.4G.

It appears with a 5.5 inches of length and 14.5 inches of width. It is slightly slanted for the user’s comfort and convenience with a lope angle of fourteen degrees. The mouse is 4.33 inches long and 2.3 inches wide with a USB receiver connected to the computer.

This combination is available in compact silver and sleek pink colors. This combination is compatible with MAC PC Laptop Ultra-Thin Laptop or desktop.


This is a combination of the keyboard and mouse provided by E-Gi.IT and distributed by Amazon. It has an ergonomic and slim design, which makes it flexibly portable. It also has a number pad and effective connectivity of 2.4G.

It appears with a 5.5 inches of length and 14.5 inches of width. The mouse is 4.33 inches long and 2.3 inches wide with a USB receiver connected to the computer. This combination is available in rose gold and silver sleek 2. This combination is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smart TV.

Mice For Macbook Air

Final Conclusion

There are very many models of wireless keyboard and mouse combo for Mac. To get value for your money from these products in this review, the iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse takes the day. This device is ergonomic, has a long-lasting battery life, lightweight, and comfortable for use.

Although most users provided positive reviews, this device has few technical issues as some users find it hard connecting it. But with the help of the user’s guide or by contacting the customer care, you will receive the necessary support.

If you love traveling, but you cannot leave your Mac behind then, this is the best keyboard and mouse combo as it has rechargeable batteries which last up to 90 hours.


  • Things to Consider While Purchasing a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  • iClever GK08 Combo for Mac

Which is the best mouse for your Mac? If you’ve just bought a Mac mini or you’re looking for a mouse to use with a MacBook Pro or Air, there is no shortage to choose from. The chances are that, unless you’re particularly fond of cables or need to use the mouse for gaming, that you’ll want a Bluetooth mouse. Using Bluetooth frees you from a cable but also allows you, depending on the model you choose, to pair it with several devices at a time and switch between them at the press of a button.

How to choose a Bluetooth mouse

The first thing you’ll need to do is find out what versions of Bluetooth your Mac supports. Some Bluetooth mice only work with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart as it’s also known. If you try to connect a Bluetooth Smart mouse that isn't compatible with your Mac, it won’t work. Fortunately, there is an easy way to check.

  1. Click on the Apple menu and choose About this Mac.
  2. Choose System report.
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Near the top of the window, you should see Bluetooth Low Energy Supported. If the word “yes” is opposite that, your Mac supports Bluetooth 4.0
Mice For The Mac

Some Bluetooth mice will also require you to be running a recent version of macOS to use their configuration software, so it’s worth checking that too.

The next thing to think about is what kind of mouse do you want. Do you want an ergonomic model to mitigate RSI or other wrist conditions? Do you want it to have proper buttons, and if yes, how many? What about gesture support?

The answers to all these questions will help you make your decision. You should also consider battery type and battery life. For example, Apple’s Magic Mouse has a rechargeable battery charged via a USB cable. Other mice use AA or AAA batteries. One of the advantages of Bluetooth 4 is that it uses very little power, so a pair of regular batteries will last up to two years.

Although AA or AAA batteries have the same output, there are small differences between those two. The first ones are longer, and they have higher storage capacity. AA batteries are often used for home equipment and larger devices, and they will last longer than AAA batteries.

The best Mac mouse

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple’s mice have always provoked mixed reactions. First, there was its refusal to put a second button on a mouse, then there was the iMac “hockey puck,” and then the tiny rollerball. Now, it has a mouse with no visible buttons at all and an entirely smooth surface.

The Magic Mouse 2 has a rechargeable battery that charges using the included lightning to USB cable, so the whole thing is one piece. Its top surface has support for two buttons but, more importantly, it allows you to use the same gestures as you would on a trackpad. It’s available in silver and space gray.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

This one was rated as the best Bluetooth mouse by Wirecutter in 2019, and having used one for a year, I understand why. It’s a Bluetooth Smart mouse, so your Mac will need to be running macOS 10.10 (though if it’s not, you can use the M720 with the included wireless receiver). It uses a single AA battery that Logitech says will last a year.

Most importantly of all, it feels great in hand. It’s very comfortable to use. There are two buttons, a scroll wheel, and seven programmable buttons. You can pair it with up to three devices and switch between them at the press of a button.

Finding the right mouse to use with your Mac is important for your health and comfort. Just as important for the health of your Mac is a tool that can improve its performance, clear out junk files, and keep it free from malware. CleanMyMac X does all that and also allows you to uninstall or reset apps. Download and try it for free!

Logitech MX Master 3

For a mouse that’s even more comfortable than the Triathlon, and more precise, look no further than the MX Master 3. It’s longer and wider than the Triathlon and sits even more comfortably in your hand. It has six programmable buttons, but there’s also a second scroll wheel conveniently placed exactly where your thumb is. The buttons are pre-programmed for tools like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro, as well as other apps like Word, Safari, and Chrome.

The MX Master 3 has a rechargeable battery that’s charged using the included USB cable and which should last a couple of months between charges.

Logitech MX Vertical

For the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, you need a vertical mouse. These mice allow your hand and wrist to sit at a more natural angle, easing the pressure on them and reducing the chances of long-term pain.

The Logitech MX Vertical holds your hand at 57˚, while still placing two buttons and a scroll wheel at your fingertips. There are four programmable buttons in total. You can connect using Bluetooth, the included wireless dongle, or the included USB-C cable, which doubles as a charging cable. And you can pair with up to three devices at a time, switching between them with the press of a button.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

The Harpoon is an excellent choice for a Bluetooth mouse that can handle the speeds needed for gaming. It has six programmable buttons, and you can also customize its sensitivity.

A rechargeable battery that is charged via the included USB cable is definitely a good thing about the Harpoon model. You can use the mouse while it’s charging. The mouse also has a wireless USB receiver that you can use instead of Bluetooth. It’s smaller than some mice here, so it may not be comfortable for some people. But the upside is it's also lightweight so handy for carrying around in a laptop bag.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

This is another Bluetooth mouse perfect for gamers. It has an adjustable sensitivity range and low latency. It’s powered by a single AA battery, so there’s no USB socket or cable. It’s well constructed and a little heavier than most, though if you don’t use it for traveling, that won’t be an issue. It’s also very comfortable in hand so that it may be a better bet than the Corsair Harpoon for some users. There’s no RGB lighting, but there are six buttons and a total of eight programmable inputs.

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

If eight programmable controls aren’t enough for you, this gaming mouse from Logitech might be the answer. It has 15 programmable controls in total, including six buttons that sit next to your thumb. It’s highly responsive and features a low latency, even over Bluetooth – though there is also a USB receiver, which will speed things up even more. The metal ratchet scroll wheel adds to the feeling of a solid, well-built mouse. It runs on a single AA battery, and Logitech says you should get between five and six months’ use from each battery.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

The biggest selling point of the M590 is in its name – it’s very, very quiet. Its buttons provide physical feedback without an audible click. The rubber scroll wheel also glides silently. Logitech claims the scroll wheel packs in more grooves per millimeter, making scrolling quicker and smoother.

The other key feature is that, like the MX Master (above), it incorporates Logitech’s Flow technology. This allows you to connect the mouse to two devices and work on both simultaneously, even copy and paste text between the two. This also works if one is a Windows PC and the other a Mac. The M590 includes a USB receiver as well as connecting via Bluetooth and uses one AA battery, which should last two years. It’s a great wireless mouse for MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Mobile Surface Mouse

Microsoft makes several Bluetooth mice, from its basic Bluetooth Mobile Mouse to the much more expensive Arc and Precision devices. This one can be bought online for only a little more money than the basic Bluetooth mouse. Like the rest of the Surface range, it’s pretty stylish and is a good bet if you like the low-profile look of Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 but want a scroll wheel - though, of course, you won’t get gesture support. It’s Bluetooth only, so there’s no USB receiver and it has two AAA batteries. Microsoft says you should get a year of use from each set.

Logitech MX Ergo

Yes, there are lots of Logitech devices on this list. That’s because it makes lots of different Bluetooth mice and most of them are better than the competition. The MX Ergo is a case in point. It combines a mouse with a trackball, which sits under your thumb. It has a magnetic stand that allows for a 20˚ tilt to enable your hand to rest at a more comfortable angle. It uses a rechargeable battery, which Logitech says will last a couple of months between charges. Though it also has a fast-charge mode that should give you a day’s use from a minute of charging.

TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse

If you’re on a budget and still want a Bluetooth mouse, this TeckNet model could be a good choice. It’s very basic – you get two additional buttons, and they’re not programmable, and it has no ergonomic features, but it does the job. Those two extra buttons allow you to switch from one app to another or move forward and back in a web browser. There’s also a button behind the scroll wheel that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensor. It takes two AAA batteries that the company says should give you two years of use.

Logitech Pebble M350

Need a mouse that’s small and flat enough to slip into a pocket? The Logitech Pebble M350 is the one to go for, it may be the best mouse for a MacBook Pro. Its low-profile design means it fits in your pocket, and you won’t have any trouble fitting it in a laptop bag. It comes in a choice of four colors and has a silent scroll wheel and two silent buttons. It can connect using Bluetooth or via the included USB receiver and runs off a single AA battery, which should last 18 months.

Need to optimize your Mac’s performance?

Choosing the best Bluetooth mouse will help you get the most from your Mac, and if you use it to play games, the right mouse can make all the difference. But to improve performance even more, including for games, as well as to keep your Mac free from junk files and malware, check out CleanMyMac X. CleanMyMac X has several modules that optimize the performance of your Mac and keep its boot drive free from the junk. It’s a great way to keep your Mac in good shape and running smoothly.

  1. Get CleanMyMac X and install it on your Mac (free trial is available).
  2. Launch the app and press Scan.
  3. CleanMyMac X will start scanning your Mac for old, unneeded junk files and performing optimization tasks.
  4. Press Run and you’re done!

There are many, many great options to choose from when it comes to picking a Bluetooth mouse. That’s why you need to decide what you’re looking for, as we described at the beginning of this article before you start narrowing down your options. If you know you need to use your new mouse for gaming, you’ll want a fast one and has lots of programmable buttons.

If ergonomics are more important, you’ll need one that feels comfortable and holds your hand at the right angle. Some of the mice listed here come with their own configuration software, which is great. But driver software can sometimes cause conflicts or other problems on your Mac. To minimize those and keep your Mac running smoothly, check out CleanMyMac X.