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Safari browser – private and secure browser for Mac and Windows. Safari browser is one of the favorites on MAC computers because it is built-in. This browser takes the fifth place in popularity after Google Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and edge. We were testing this browser on MAC and Windows. This browser is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Comodo Dragon Browser. Comodo Dragon Browser is one of the best secure browsers but still, it is no match again for Tor Browser, but with its specialized assets, it makes web browsing much safer. See full list on macupdate.com. Google is constantly working on security and feature enhancements, but as with all software, bugs happen. The default Mac and iOS browser is a strong choice, though its interface has some.

Whenever something pops into your mind, you open your browser to do research on it. The browser is an old fashion way of searching for things on the internet, whether you want to buy an accessory or search for a home remedy for common ailments.

Mac has Safari as an inbuilt browser which is an efficient and fast browser. But it is not a bad idea to keep an alternative in case the native application crashes.

So, in this article, we have discussed some of the best browsers for Mac in 2020 if you‘re looking for a suitable alternative.

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11 Fastest Internet Browser For Mac

To provide you fastest browsing experience, Here is the list of 11 best web browsers for MacOS:

1. Brave Browser:

A new and emerging browser for Mac, Brave is secure, private and fast. Brave is open source and focuses on your privacy. Brave is a lightweight Mac browser.

Features of Brave:

  • It is 8 times faster than regular browsers.
  • It blocks ads, trackers, and unwanted content so you don’t have to deal with them.
  • With “Private Tabs with Tor*” feature, it provides true private browsing experience along with enhanced protection

2. Opera –

An older name, Opera is one of the best browsers for Mac in 2020 as it is fast and smooth. It is famous to access faster speed with low-speed connection based on the server size compression technique.

Features of Opera:

  • It allows you to easily navigate and provides you with browsing experience
  • It has an inbuilt torrent download browser options.
  • It is streamlined and designed for those who want a responsive browser that meets their needs.
  • It has integrated phishing protection, integrated RSS feeds, and integrated email clients.
Most Secure Browsers For Mac


  • To properly operate the browser, one needs to strictly adhere to coding.
  • The extensions built into Opera are not always easy to find.

3. Google Chrome:

One of the most popular browsers, widely used on Windows, Google Chrome is a good option for a Fastest browser. It is fast, secure and free, and it runs on multiple platforms. It’s clutter free interface makes it easy to use.

Features of Google Chrome:

  • It lets you search and navigate from the same box.
  • It offers a wide range of easily obtained and installed extensions to customize the browser as you like.
  • There’s support for parental controls and has settings to ensure maximum efficiency.


  • Kills the battery (if you are running a portable Mac) and hogs the RAM.
  • If you accidentally close the browser, Chrome will close all the tabs opened without warning.

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4. Mozilla Firefox –

With inbuilt privacy, Mozilla is one of the trusted and best browsers for Mac. It has features that protect you from phishing schemes, viruses and more.


Features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Mozilla is a secure browser but with extensions like NoScript and FlashBlock available it can become the safest.
  • It provides excellent network security, a user-friendly interface and many add-ons for customized browsing.
  • It has an embedded memory which means that if you turn off your computer by mistake, it will remember the Internet page you had opened and offer to get them back for you.
  • It has intuitive navigation.


  • Sometimes, you end up getting an error while opening a website, as Mozilla is not compatible with it.
  • Mozilla Firefox uses more memory than other browsers and has slow startup time.

5. Maxthon

One of the best browsers for Mac, Maxthon has a good interface on the home screen of the browser.

Features of Maxthon:

  • One of the best thing about Maxthon is that it keeps the PC’s working condition optimized while working on it and doesn’t hog the system’s performance.
  • It boosts up the internet connection to an extent and it tries to open the web page faster.
  • Maxthon is independent of operating systems as well as the device itself as it is cloud based with all OS interlocked to each other.
  • It has a good feature which doesn’t let you fill the information on websites you visited in the past when you visit it for the next time as it saves the information for you.


  • It doesn’t offer a wide range of extensions.
  • Maxthon lacks some of the features such as voice interaction commands and open-source development.

6. Camino

Camino is also a good alternative, as it is an open source web browser which focuses on offering the best web experience for the users of Mac OS X.

Features of Camino:

  • Camino Browser offers fast connection and there’s integrated flash block which helps you save the bandwidth.
  • The bookmark bar allows multiple lines of bookmarks.
  • It has sleek interface with simple and elegant look.
  • It also offers all the functionality & style that is expected from Mac OS X programs.


  • It does not have undo-close tab.
  • It does not have an option to rearrange tabs as it does not allow moving of tabs

7. Omni Web

Omni Web is one of the best browsers available for Mac as it is the powerful web browser for Mac.

Features of Omni Web:

  • It has numerous features like Visual Tabs, adding websites to shortcuts, automatic rendering of web pages, etc.
  • You can change the font of any web page if you are not liking it.
  • The browser handles the entire RSS feed which is indeed a great feature.


  • The browser is slow.
  • It hogs the system resources as it uses a large amount of RAM.

8. Yandex

Most secure browsers for mac windows 10
With the look and feel of Microsoft’s Edge browser, Yandex is one of the best browsers for Mac in 2019.
Features Of Yandex:
  • It has a simple and clutter free interface.
  • Yandex has Turbo mode, which never lets the browser speed go slow. Whenever internet speeds drop, Turbo mode is enabled, which speeds up how fast pages load and save on your data charges.
  • It protects your passwords and bank card details and keeps your online payments safe from theft.

9. Vivaldi

An open source Chromium browser with some similarities to Opera, Vivaldi is one of the best browsers available for Mac.

Features of Vivaldi

  • It has awesome tab management. They are functional, work great, can be tiled, have previews and stack well.
  • It enables you to access all the goodies from the chrome store, which is not that of a surprise as it uses Chromium platform.
  • It provides you with several options to customize the browser according to your preferences.
  • It downloads faster even after slow internet speed.


  • Just as Chrome, this browser also hogs up the system resources.
  • There is no way to sync passwords, settings, bookmarks online

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10. Stainless

Yet another browser, which is counted in the list of fastest browsers for Mac due to its super light-weightiness and it looks like Google Chrome.

Features of Stainless

  • It features a dual-purpose search address bar, which makes searching and navigating very smooth.
  • It has an independent tabbed browsing which means one tab won’t crash your whole browser.
  • Parallel browsing mode allows multiple email clients open at once.
  • It is fast and easy to use.


  • It has a few configuration options
  • It doesn’t have any extensions available yet

Safest Web Browser For Mac

11. SeaMonkey

Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing made simple, with all these features Sea Monkey definitely deserves to be on the list of best browsers for Mac.

Features of SeaMonkey:

  • The browser is fast and responsive than several among the list.
  • It is the Mozilla product that contains the web browser (based on Firefox ), the email & newsgroups client ( based on Thunderbird ), the HTML editor, JavaScriptdebugger & the IRC chat client but it is more than an email client because it is a full featured web browser as well.
  • It contains a cookie manager which lets you view & delete the cookies created when surfing.
  • It has several other features, like a password manager, customizable toolbars & the ability to restore the sessions.

The best image viewer for mac. Cons:

  • It doesn’t have mouse gestures or voice interaction for multi-modal browsing
  • The browser is not sleek and it can’t be used with ease.

This concludes our list of the best browsers for Mac. these browsers are lightweight and will give you the fastest browsing experience. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Most Secure Browsers For Mac Os


For many years, there was a widely-held notion that Apple Mac users were more secure than their Windows counterparts. In recent years, however, that notion has been challenged.

In 2012 Apple Mac OS X users were specifically targeted for exploitation by way of a Java vulnerability. Apple has since made multiple moves to improve its handling of Java. Yet according to Carl Livitt, managing security associate at security firm Bishop Fox, simply updating Java and keeping Mac OS X up-to-date aren't enough anymore to guarantee browser security.

'The browser presents such a huge attack surface,' Livitt told eSecurity Planet. 'It's not just things like Java and Flash; there are also problems in the browser itself.'

Livitt recently published a brief guide on how to secure Mac OS X browsers and is also a contributing author of the book, Web Hacking Exposed.

A key challenge with Mac OS X browser security is that the browser typically runs with the same permissions and access to the operating system as the user.

'If you run under the assumption that someone will hack your browser eventually, you then have to limit the things that you yourself can do with a browser in order to limit the things that an attacker can do,' Livitt suggested.

Securing Mac OS X

Use multiple browsers. At the top of Livitt's list of suggestions for Mac OS X browser security is for users to run multiple browsers beyond just the default Apple Safari. There are a number of reasons why running multiple browsers is a good idea, limiting risk chief among them. For a Web-based email system like Google's Gmail, for example, many users typically stay logged into Gmail all day. If the browser is hacked, the user's Gmail account and permissions could potentially be at risk. Livitt recommended that users either run Gmail in its own browser that is only being used for email, or simply not stay logged into Gmail all day.

Consider sandboxing the browser. Going a step further, those who are even more risk averse might want to sandbox the browser to limit its access to operating system components. One of the multiple ways of sandboxing on Mac OS X is with the Ironfox application shell script wrapper for Firefox.

Protect cache/cookie information. Cookies and cache stores, which could potentially include authentication information, are among the most valuable sources of information on a user's browser. One way to help insure that cookie information does not persist beyond a given session is by way of a plugin called Better Privacy. It goes beyond just the typical browser cookie clearing to make sure that cookies from Flash or other add-ons are also removed, on a time basis or on browser exit.

Supplement native firewall capabilities. Mac OS X has its own built-in firewall and anti-malware capabilities which provide a degree of protection for users. To supplement the built-in capabilities, Livitt suggests the use of a program called Little Snitch. Little Snitch is an advanced firewall that tracks all incoming and outgoing connections from a machine.

It also provides a pop-up window each time a program tries to connect to something, requesting users to explicitly grant permission. 'After a while, you train Little Snitch to allow or block things,' Livitt said.

If a Mac OS X browser is somehow breached and the attacker tries to make a connection to server in China that the user doesn't know about, for example, Little Snitch will alert the user before the connection is made. 'Little Snitch is a pretty great addition to the crappy OS X firewall,' Livitt added.

Impacting OS X Usability

Best Web Browser 2020 Mac

A primary tenent of Mac OS X is usability. Adding additional layers of browser security could impact some of that usability, at least initially.

As you add more protection, you have to jump through more hoops, Livitt noted. That said, he said the additional measures typically just involve a bit more up-front work by the user until they get used to it.

'Like most things in life, a little hard work up front pays dividends in the end,' he said.

Most Secure Browser For Mac 2019

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