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Do you want to download MX Player dmg for your Mac computer? Read this tutorial carefully and learn how to download and install MX Player on Mac.MX Player is loaded with tons of features and a handy user interface. It is the perfect blend of simplicity, with enhanced features. MPlayer (SMPlayer under Windows - MPlayer OSX Extended under Mac) XQuartz, if the subtitles with MPlayer are not visible. ASpell is suggested (only for spell checking). Part of this project is done thanks to CrossMobile, the only truly native mobile cross-platform framework.

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Here you can find everything needed to get MPlayer up and running. The recommended way to install MPlayer is to compile from current SVN source. Look at the unofficial packages section of our projects page if you do not wish to compile from source and/or are looking for packages that may be more tightly integrated with your platform. You might also want to check out the other frontends since there is no further development and limited bug fixing for the included graphical user interface.

Be advised that we do not support any unofficial packages, only the non-outdated official ones listed below. Melodyne plugin for mac. If you have trouble with unofficial packages, get support from the respective authors.

For a complete MPlayer installation you will need sources, a set of binary codecs, and a skin if you want a graphical user interface.

  1. Downloads MPlayer OSX Extended - Revision 16 (15.9MB, 24. Jan 2018, OSX 10.7+, 64bit) Download from Github. Past versions rev15 is the last version supporting OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 32bit.
  2. 3,157 downloads Updated: October 21, 2019 Freeware. Review Free Download specifications. Installing MKPlayer on your Mac is an excellent decision if you need to play audio and video content even if the app is still in its initial state and still needs a few updates until it can replace well-established.
  3. Download MPlayer OSX for Mac - An easy to use movie player for DivX and other video formats. MPlayer OSX is part of these download collections: Play F4V, Play TRP, Play AMR, Play MKA. DOWNLOAD MPlayer OSX 1.1.1. MPlayer OSX 1.1.1 add to watchlist send us an update.

Quick compilation and installation instructions are contained in the README, the installation section of the documentation has more complete information.

Source Code

We provide nightly Subversion snapshots generated at six in the morning (GMT+1). They are generally stable and recommended. If you have issues with them report it, or use Subversion directly to get a more up-to-date or previous version, or wait for the next snapshot, it might be fixed by then.

The Subversion snapshots are working directories complete with Subversion metadata (the result of 'svn checkout'). The source snapshots are bare sources without Subversion metadata (the result of 'svn export').

Subversion snapshotHTTPFTP
source snapshotHTTPFTP

The latest MPlayer release is 1.4, created on 18/04/2019, which includesan FFmpeg snapshot.
We recommend to always use the latest SVN to get the all the new features andbugfixes, especially if the release date above looks old.

MPlayer 1.4 releaseHTTP (xz compressed, 15 MB)FTP (xz compressed, 15 MB)

The previous MPlayer release is 1.2.1, created on 24/01/2016, which includesFFmpeg 2.8.5.
Use this version if you need compatibility with FFmpeg 2.8.x branch.

MPlayer 1.2.1 releaseHTTP (xz compressed, 13 MB)FTP (xz compressed, 13 MB)

We keep the old releases and ancient releases of MPlayer, in case anybody is interested.

Mplayer Download For Mac

Downloading MPlayer from Subversion

You can also get MPlayer via Subversion. Issue the following command to get the latest sources:

A directory named mplayer will be created in the current directory. You can later update your sources by typing

from within that directory.

Our Subversion setup does not work over HTTP/HTTPS, nor will it in the future. If you have trouble accessing the Subversion repository, then in 99% of all cases a firewall on your side is the problem. Open TCP port 3690 or find a machine that can use the svn:// protocol directly. Another alternative is downloading a Subversion snapshot.


MPlayer Windows buildsHTTP
UPDATED MPlayer Windows buildsHTTP
MPlayer Mac OS X ExtendedHTTP
Fedora and CentOS/RHEL RPM packages from RPMFusionHTTP

Binary Codec Packages

First of all, a big warning: These packages are useless for normal Windows players and will only work with MPlayer.

Mplayer Download Free

Our binary codec packages add support for codecs that are not yet implemented natively, like newer RealVideo variants and a lot of uncommon formats. Note that they are not necessary to play most common formats like DVDs, MPEG-1/2/4, etc. See the codec status table for the daily-generated list of currently supported codecs.

Choose the package that matches your processor and operating system. If your system cannot manage Linux libraries, choose the Windows package instead. On Windows MPlayer will try to use the codecs installed on your system. Our packages can save you the hassle of installing every known codec and using untested codec versions.

Instructions for installing binary codecs can be found in the README or in the README.txt file that accompanies each codec package. If you want to verify the integrity of the codec packages, compare the MD5 sums. If you want to know what's new in a codec package, check the ChangeLog.

Old package versions, md5sums of all codecs and unsupported/broken codecs useful for development are kept in the codecs directory.

Linux PPC 20071007HTTPFTP
Linux AMD64 20071007HTTPFTP
Linux Alpha 20061028HTTPFTP
Windows x86 20071007HTTPFTPBITTORRENT
Mac OS X x86 20060611HTTPFTP
Mac OS X PPC 20041107HTTPFTP


Click on skin names for screenshots. Read the README or the GUI section of the documentation to find out how to install skins.

If you want to create your own MPlayer GUI skin, read the skin section of the documentation. If you are content with your skin and wish to have it added to the official skin collection, go over the Creating quality skins guide and submit the skin to us.

Blue1.13Xenomorphnew default MPlayer skin1HTTPFTP
Blue-multilingual1.13.5Xenomorph, Ingo BrücklBlue, multilingual2HTTPFTP
Blue-small1.11Xenomorphcompact version1HTTPFTP
Clearlooks2.0Ingo Brücklmodern Clearlooks3HTTPFTP
Clearlooks-multilingual2.0.5Ingo Brücklmodern Clearlooks, multilingual2HTTPFTP
Noskin1.0Ingo Brücklmost minimal, like plain MPlayerHTTPFTP
standard1.12FRD (Viktor Bekesi)old default skinHTTPFTP
Abyss1.7Xenomorphbeautiful MPlayer skinHTTPFTP
Ater1.2Laszlo Simondark, cool-lookingHTTPFTP
pcland1.1Pcland.hublue wavesHTTPFTP
Corelian1.2LUIGIplain lookHTTPFTP
neutron1.6Oliwier Ptakfuturistic lookHTTPFTP
disappearer1.2Alban Hertroysvery slim skinHTTPFTP
plastic1.3FRD (Viktor Bekesi)plastic remote control skinHTTPFTP
phony1.2Jurgen Pehrsondesktop DVD player skinHTTPFTP
mentalic1.4Oliwier Ptaksharp and shinyHTTPFTP
proton1.3Pasquale Ricciosilver, shinyHTTPFTP
slim1.3FRD (Viktor Bekesi)small and cuteHTTPFTP
CornerMP1.3DC.ParkWinAMP corner skinHTTPFTP
CornerMP-aqua1.5DC.ParkWinAMP corner skinHTTPFTP
trium1.4Scognitobased on a mobile phoneHTTPFTP
gnome1.1Scognitobased on the GNOME logoHTTPFTP
Orange1.3Ognian Vasilevclean, good lookingHTTPFTP
QPlayer1.3Quianaplayful lookHTTPFTP
handheld1.0Andrew Carpenterremote control lookHTTPFTP
MidnightLove1.7GabucinoXMMS skin of Rei AyanamiHTTPFTP
avifile1.8Toky (Balazs Vigvary)aviplay lookHTTPFTP
BlueHeart1.6GabucinoBlueHeart XMMS skinHTTPFTP
WMP62.2GabucinoWindows Media PlayerHTTPFTP
xanim1.8GabucinoXAnim 'feeling' :)HTTPFTP
Cyrus1.3Roberto J.Cyrus XMMS skinHTTPFTP
xine-lcd1.2Gabucinoxine LCD skinHTTPFTP
AlienMind1.2GabucinoAlien Mind XMMS skinHTTPFTP
hwswskin1.3hwsw.husimple, Windows-ishHTTPFTP
krystal1.1Gary Whitmore Jr.very colorfulHTTPFTP
softgrip1.2Sudrienstrange designHTTPFTP
new-age1.0Javipaclean and simpleHTTPFTP
DVDPlayer1.1Jiri Tyr jun.hardware player lookalikeHTTPFTP
Industrial1.1Nikola PizuricaIndustrial GTK themeHTTPFTP
OSX-Brushed2.4Ryan NorthamiTunes lookalikeHTTPFTP
OSX-Mod1.1DogFaceMonkQuickTime lookalikeHTTPFTP
PowerPlayer1.1caparuniPowerDVD lookalikeHTTPFTP
Terminator31.1Kiss Balintinspired by Terminator 3HTTPFTP
tvisor1.2Andre Kuehnesimple, well-designedHTTPFTP
ultrafina1.2Diego BiurrunXMMS ultrafina skinHTTPFTP
XFce41.1Nikola Pizuricadefault XFce4 themeHTTPFTP
xmmplayer1.5nostrildamusXMMS lookalikeHTTPFTP
JiMPlayer1.4Attila Gyimesiround and colorfulHTTPFTP
QuickSilver1.1Charles FoucaultQuickSilver WMP skinHTTPFTP
smoothwebby1.2Andrew Weberblueish monochromeHTTPFTP
webby1.4Andrew Weberbluegray monochromeHTTPFTP
Canary1.2Veres Imresmall, compactHTTPFTP
CubicPlayer1.1Gabucinotextmode likeHTTPFTP
divxplayer1.3Marcin SzumielaDivX player lookalikeHTTPFTP
hayraphon1.0[email protected]bluegray monochromeHTTPFTP
iTunes1.2unknowniTunes inspiredHTTPFTP
iTunes-mini1.2unknowniTunes inspiredHTTPFTP
mini0.1Fabian Franzbrowser plugin skinHTTPFTP
moonphase1.0Dan 'Jago' Naumovflat grayHTTPFTP
mplayer_red1.1Burt.S.rusty machineHTTPFTP
nativeRed1.2nativeridgered and blackHTTPFTP
netscape41.0GabucinoCommunicator 4.77HTTPFTP
sessene1.0ghostmanclean and smallHTTPFTP
bluecurve1.4bleachieRed Hat bluecurve themeHTTPFTP
changuito0.3jpoyarzunGorilla GNOME themeHTTPFTP
OpenDoh1.2siTeIndustrial look-alikeHTTPFTP
plastik2.0Jesper SchultzKDE plastik themeHTTPFTP
productive1.0Michael Zeisingsmooth and modern lookHTTPFTP
brushedGnome1.2Azraelbrushed QPlayerHTTPFTP
Linea1.0Radic Veskoblack and whiteHTTPFTP
clearplayer0.10Massimo TisiClearLooks GNOME themeHTTPFTP
ICY1.0Phantom LORDNero ShowTime skinHTTPFTP
Dushku1.2funkydrummerEliza DushkuHTTPFTP
KDE0.3Rüdiger Kuhlmannuses KDE imagesHTTPFTP

1can display ASCII and nine ISO-8859-2/ISO-8859-13/ISO-8859-16 glyphs
2can display the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) glyphs
3can display all ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15 glyphs

If you don't know exactly why you can't play a multimedia file, MPlayer is the multimedia player you need, because it supports a really wide variety of video and audio formats. Furthermore it is part of the group of free software programs, so a lot of programmers take part into its development.
MPlayer is multiplatform, and that allows you to use it on Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports MPEG/VOB, AVI, OGG, ASF/WMA/WMV, QT/MOV/MP4, Real Media or DivX. It can be used ti play VideoCD, SVCD or DVD too.
Furthermore, it supports an important number of output devices: X11, XV, XVMC, VIDIX, XVIDIX, CVIDIX or WINVIDIX are in the group of supported devices.
MPlayer also features important information on screen and support for 12 different subtitle formats.
RequirementsMplayer Download For Mac

Mplayer Download For Mac Os

For Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.