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There are no additional drivers required, Mac OS X has all the software you need.

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When Keynote is in Play, by default it will display either the presentation or Presenter Display:

. If Mac OS X v10.5 was upgraded to Mac OS X v10.6, connecting to the projector may not be possible. If Mac OS X v10.4 was upgraded to Mac OS X v10.6, operation is not guaranteed. If you are logged in to a 'normal' user account, sound may not be output from the computer. Projector for Mac OS v.2.2.4 Keep track of tasks and calculate a projects cost. Projector provides all the tools you need for professional project management. Whether your job calls for managing large construction projects, complex media activities or detailed time schedules.

Screen capture mac os.

As a diagnostic test, do the following with both the projector and Mac powered off:

1- connect the Mac to the projector, 2 - power on the projector, 3 - then power on the Mac.

Does the projector show a start up image when first powered on, NEC logo or onscreen settings? If not the projector is faulty, most likely the lamp requires replacement. Refer to the user manual how you can verify this.

Many projectors automatically switch to the correct connector when a video signal is detected, but many have to be switched manually, either by a button on the projector or remote control, on the NEC 100 series projectors press the computer button (number 3 below).

Test the adaptor and VGA cable by connecting the Mac to a TV or computer display with a VGA connector.


The cables you should have are these:

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Image Express Utility Lite for Mac OS is software that projects a computer's display on a projector. It allows the computer's display to be transmitted to a projector using the network with high quality and at high speed. Image Express Utility Lite for Mac OS runs on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. Image Express Utility Lite for Mac OS Ver. 1.1.0 supports of Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. It doesnot run on Mac OS (PowerPC).


Best Portable Projector For Mac

  • The screen of your computer can be sent to the projector via a wired or wireless network without a VGA cable.
  • By using 'EASY CONNECTION' feature, the complicated network settings can be simplified and the computer will automatically connect to the projector.
  • The screen of your computer can be sent to up to four projectors at the same time.
  • With projectors compatible with the multiple connection feature, connections can be accepted simultaneously with the multiple devices. In addition, images transferred from multiple devices can be displayed in split screen mode with multiple views and a single image can be displayed in full screen mode.

Correction point to Ver. 1.1.0

Best Projectors For Mac

Ver. 1.0.5 → Ver. 1.1.0

Best Projector For Mac

  • Support the multiple connection feature.
  • Support of Mac OS 10.11
  • Support of the multiple connections feature for NP-UM361X/NP-UM301X/NP-UM351W/NP-UM301W (Firmware Version : 1.02 or later).