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I'm new to C4D and RF for C4D and am trying to figure out how to simulate foam and am failing miserably. Everything I find online about RF and foam uses the full RF program + renderers, which I don't have.

Realflow Plugin

Anyone know how to do this with the plugin vs the full software? Is it even possible? I've been able to use a lot of information from tutorials on the full program with the plugin but this ones seems to be a show stopper and I need to be able to do this for the project I'm working on now. I've gone through all of RF's RFC4D v1 & v2 videos and as many other ones as I've been able to find and I've either missed what needs to be done because I'm so new to the software or I haven't found it yet.

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Realflow for cinema 4d
Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Realflow For Cinema 4d


Realflow Cinema 4d Mac