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In the nutshell, it’s Seagate’s own recovery software used for retrieving data erased or lost from an external hard drive. The software has both a PC and Mac version, both of which are risk-free. Seagate claims it’s able to recover all types of data such as documents, photos, videos, emails, archives, etc. Deleted, formatted, inaccessible. Connect the Seagate external hard drive to your PC. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. When it comes to a hard drive data recovery program, the average pricing plan for Windows users in the market is $50 and for Mac users, $100. Unlike the lab data recovery service, you can recover Seagate data on your own. Most of Seagate data recovery tools are intuitive and straightforward. Mac OS Diagnostics The MacOS has great tools for testing hard drives. This program is called First Aid. Always backup your data before running First Aid scans of your hard drive. If there is a bad sector, any data that may have been accessible before running “Repair Disk” will likely become inaccessible once the bad sector is re-allocated. With Stellar Phoenix Mac Files Recovery, it will be able to locate the information as long as the drive can be connected to a Mac. Moreover, this recovery utility performs a scan on your Seagate storage device to locate any information that cannot be found by the OS but still exists on the drive.

Seagate Hard Drives are one of the most popular types of Hard Drives, and thus, we get a lot of questions regarding the Seagate Hard Drive repair methods. A Hard Drive is prone to many kinds of faults that can interrupt your workflow. Thus, we have tried to answer various kinds of “How to Fix Seagate Hard Drive?” questions with this article. If your Seagate Hard Drive is not getting recognized on Windows, or if there are beeping issues with your Hard Drive, just go through this article and find the Seagate Hard Disk repair method that suits your needs.

Part 1. How to fix Seagate Hard Disk not Detected Issue?

Is your Hard Drive not getting detected on Windows? Don’t worry, this is a kind of issue that occurs very often when you use an External Hard Drive. The case is the same with a Seagate Hard Drive as well. You can face such issues with your Seagate Hard Drive when your Drive is connected to the PC but it’s not getting detected. Below are the various methods to repair your Seagate Hard Drive that is not getting detected by your System.

Method 1. Change the Port

It’s an obvious method and the most effective as well to repair a Seagate Hard Disk. Most of the time when your Seagate Hard Disk is not getting recognized by Windows you think that it’s an issue with your drive, and you try to perform certain kind of Seagate Hard Disk repair. But it can be an issue with your USB port as well. Thus, the first thing you should try is to plug the Hard Disk into another port and see if the Disk is getting recognized or not.

Method 2. Show All Hidden Devices

Step 1 Once you have your Seagate Disk Drive connected to your PC, got the Search Panel on the home screen and type in “Device Manager”. Click “Enter” on the Device Manager results to enter the Device Manager window.

Step 2 On the Device Manager window, you will see a “View” option in the top menu bar. Click on the “View” and then click on “Show Hidden Devices”. Now, on the Device Manager window, go to the “Disk Drivers” and expand the option.

Step 3 If your Drive is hidden on your system, it will be highlighted among other hidden Drives. Right Click on the hidden Drive and choose “Uninstall”, this will Uninstall the Drive from your System. Now, plug-out the Seagate Drive and plug it in again to see if your Seagate Drive is fixed or not.

Part 2. How to Fix the Seagate Hard Drive Beeping Problem?


At times, you might face some beeping issues with your Seagate Hard Drive, or you might hear a clicking sound coming from your Seagate Hard Drive. This kind of issue is uncommon in Hard Drives, but it is no major issue. You can try any of the below mentioned Seagate Hard Drive fixes to fix this problem.

Method 1. Use Another Cable or Another Port

Most of the times a Seagate Hard Disk beeps due to failed connection. If the connection between your external Seagate Hard Drive and your system isn’t well established, you might hear a beeping or clicking sound from the HDD. To repair your Seagate Hard Drive, simply try to plug your Hard Drive into another port of your System. Or, you can also try out another compatible USB cable to see if there is any problem with the connection of the Hard Drive.

Method 2. Clean the Ports and Drive

There have been many such cases where the Seagate Hard Drive was beeping because either the ports of the HDD were not clean, or the ports of the System had dust on them. To do the Seagate Hard Drive repair, you first need to Shut-Down and unplug your system, and disconnect the Hard Drive as well. Now, use a Compressed-Air cane, and blow off all the dust from your Hard Drive, from Drive’s ports, from your system’s ports, and from all the organs of your System. Now, reconnect your Seagate Hard Drive to see if the Seagate Hard Disk got repaired or not.

Method 3. Check your Disk Using CMD

If you are not sure about what is causing your Seagate Hard Drive to beep, and you need to repair your Seagate Hard Drive, then you can try this method. This method uses a command that scans your selected disk for any such faults and will let you know if there is any fault in your Seagate Hard Drive.

Step 1 To start, first, connect your external Seagate Hard Drive with your system using a compatible cable. Once connected, make sure your system identifies the drive successfully.

Step 2 Now, from the home screen of your System, go to search panel and type in “CMD” to see “Command Prompts” in results. Click on Command Prompt to enter the CMD window.

Step 3 Once you are on the CMD panel, type in the command “chkdsk #:/r” and press enter. The system will process the command and will scan and examine your disk for any kinds of fault or bad behaviour.

Note: The “#” in the Step-3 command refers to the “Drive Letter”, replace the “#” with the Drive Letter for which you want to perform this action.

Once the command is processed and your drive is examined, the system will tell you if there is any bad behaviour issue with your Drive or not.

Part 3. How to Fix Bad Sectors on Seagate External Hard Drive?

Bad Sector issue on your Hard Drive should be repaired as soon as possible, as it can risk your data stored on your Hard Drive. This issue occurs on your Seagate Hard Drive mainly due to the System crash or some other software fails. You can try below-mentioned methods to repair the Bad Sector on your Seagate External Hard Drives.

Method 1. Use the Integrated Error Checking Utility on Windows

Step 1 Once you have your Seagate External Hard Disk connected to the System, go to “This PC”. Once you are inside This PC, navigate to your connected Seagate Disk that you want to repair, and right-click on it.

Step 2 In the right-click menu, go to “Properties”, and then under the Properties Dialogue box, go to “Tools” tab.

Step 3 Once you are on the Tools tab, you will see a “Check” button under the “Error Check” section. Click on the “Check” option to proceed with the Seagate Hard Drive repair.

Step 4 You will see a “Check Disk” dialogue box if the windows will find any error in your disk. Now, in the dialogue box, select the “Automatically Fix the System Errors” option to proceed with the Seagate Disk repair. Proceed with the “Scan for and Attempt Recovery for Bad Sectors” option, and then click “Start”.

Note: You will only see the “Automatically Fix the System Error” option if the Windows will find any error with the Seagate Drive in your System.

Once the process is done, you can check if the Bad Sectors of your Seagate Drive are fixed or not. If not fixed, you can try the same method again.

Method 2. Use the Seagate SeaTools for Windows

If you are using a Seagate Hard Drive, then you might be aware that the Seagate provide a Seagate Hard Disk repair tool. This tool allows you to detect Bad sector problems or many other problems with your Hard Drive, and it also allows you to fix such problems.

The Seatools can be used on your Windows OS. However, it doesn’t support all kinds of HDD, it is specifically configured to repair Seagate Hard Drives.

Bonus Tips: How to Keep your Seagate External Hard Drive in Good Condition?

If you want to use your Seagate Hard Drive for a longer period, and wish to keep it in a healthy condition, then you have to take care of your Hard Drive. Below are some tips that can help you in keeping your Hard Drive in good condition.

  • Position it Well
  • When using an external Seagate Hard Drive, it’s better if you be a little careful. Because you may never know what thing might be harming it. When you are using the Hard Drive, make sure it’s always kept on a flat surface that doesn’t have any bumps or any kind of thing that can harm it physically. Also, do not keep it very close to a heater, or any device that can increase the temperature of the Drive. Always keep the drive open while using, do not cover it with anything that will cage the heat inside.

  • Keep a Backup
  • At times you might need to format your Seagate external Hard Drive to boost its performance or to make it bug-free. But if you do not have a backup of your data stored in the drive, it will become difficult for you to execute certain tasks to repair your Seagate external Hard Drive, or to keep it healthy. Thus, always keep a Backup of your Hard Drive.

  • Keep it Safe from Extreme Temperatures
  • The circuits in your External Hard Drives are very sensitive, and even a slightest to drop or increase in temperature can hurt them. So, if you expose your Seagate Hard Drive to direct Sun for a longer period, or you put it in cold storage, it will lose its integrity and probably your data as well. Moisture and Dust also have the same kinds of effects on your Hard Drive, thus, always keep your Hard Drive in cover when not in use.

  • Connect it Only to the Trusted Devices
  • You should avoid using your Seagate External Hard Drive or any other External Hard Drive with a public system or a system that is not protected from Viruses or Malware. Using your Hard Drive on such Systems can risk all of your data and as well as the health of your Drive.



You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to fix your Seagate Hard Drive. Any of your Hard Drive or your Seagate Hard Drive can face many such errors. Thus, we have discussed various types of Seagate Drive repair methods to help out from different kinds of problem.

Summary: This blog shares the best ways to recover lost or deleted data from a Seagate external hard drive on Mac.
The blog will also share helpful tips and information on dealing with the various factors causing data loss from Seagate external hard drive.
Before you jump on reading, download the free trial of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac, the best and sure shot way to recover data from Seagate external hard drive. You can try it for free.

Seagate File Recovery For Mac

1. Seagate External Hard Drive not Showing up on your Mac

Seagate external drive not recognized by macOS is a serious concern. It is not just the storage device whose life is at stake, but all the valuable files inside the Seagate drive becomes inaccessible till the Mac recognizes the Seagate drive.

What Should You Do?

  1. Disconnect the Seagate external drive from Mac
  2. Restart macOS
  3. Connect the external drive to Mac again and wait for a while
  4. Check if the Seagate external hard drive icon appears in the Finder and Desktop

If Seagate backup plus external drive is still not showing up then go to Finder and check-box the Hard Drive & External Hard Drive option.

Retrieve your valuable files once the Seagate backup plus external hard drive appears on the Mac in Finder/Desktop.

2. Seagate external hard drive not working Mac?

This is a different case than the above; assuming that Seagate external hard drive is failing to connect to Mac due to malfunction of its USB connection or other issues. Moreover, the Seagate external hard drive may not work due to the corruption of the partition map.

What Should You Do?

  1. Connect your Seagate external hard drive to Mac
  2. Go to DiskUtility (Here, your Seagate external drive may appear as an unmounted disk)
  3. If the Seagate external hard drive is unmounted or greyed out on Mac then select the disk from the left panel and press Mount.

If Seagate external drive comes back to life, then recover all the data immediately and format the drive with a new filesystem as a safety measure.

3. Repair Seagate External Hard Drive on Mac

Repairing an external hard drive on Mac via Disk Utility is simple and straight-forward. Disk Utility is a mighty tool that resolves the cryptic disk errors at a certain level from a storage drive.

What Should You Do?

  1. Select the Seagate external hard drive in the Disk Utility panel
  2. Press the First-Aid tab and start the repair
  3. Allow the Disk Utility tool to repair the Seagate External Hard Drive
How to use seagate backup for mac

If Disk Utility repair mechanism works then retrieve your data to another location. Further, you can reformat the Seagate drive again.

4. Recover Deleted Files from Seagate External Hard Drive

macOS native tools such as the Disk Utility won’t recover deleted or inaccessible items from a Seagate external hard drive. Here, leveraging a Mac external hard drive recovery software becomes a necessity.

What Should You Do?

Seagate Premium File Recovery Suite For Mac

Find a Mac external hard drive recovery software that supports the below:

  1. APFS, HFS, ex-FAT, FAT & NTFS filesystems
  2. macOS Catalina, Mojave and later OS X
  3. The latest model of your Mac and Seagate device
  4. Unmounted external drive recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac application retrieves deleted or formatted data from a Seagate external hard drive.

Download the application and try it for free. This helps you recover data deleted from a start-up disk as well.

Go through the below infographics after you have finished downloading & installing the Stellar Data Recovery application on your Mac.


5. Seagate Backup Plus Drive is Read Only on Mac

You might have mistakenly made your Seagate external hard drive as ‘read-only’. Otherwise, the drive could have gone under some low-level corruption making it appear as READ ONLY.

When an external drive becomes read-only then it is not possible to write new data to the storage device however you still can access the content of the disk.

What Should You Do?

  1. Connect the Seagate hard drive to Mac
  2. On the drive’s icon right-click and select GetInfo option
  3. Now, you may see that Privilege to the external hard drive is selected as Read Only. To resolve this, unlock Sharing & Permissions and drill down the menu to select << Read & Write
  4. You can change the privileges as per your comfort.
  5. Lastly, lock the changes to finalize your settings.

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Seagate external hard drive is good to have for file storage on a macOS. The storage device is reliable but it suffers through ailments which are common to other storage devices. The blog tried to present 5 common issues of Seagate external hard drive on Mac.

Read the blog to know how you can mount a Seagate external drive, repair it and recover with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

Seagate Recovery For Mac Mojave

Download the application and try it for free. This helps you recover data deleted from a start-up disk as well.