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No doubt, Hubstaff is one of the best Mac time tracking platforms that work great for. Download Toggl Desktop: Time Tracker for macOS 10.11 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Toggl Desktop is a desktop app for leading time tracking tool Toggl. The Desktop app is a great companion for time tracking and productivity as it has advanced features like: - Idle detection - Tracking reminder - Pomodoro timer - Timeline - Autotracker.


How to track time with Mac desktop app

Step 2

Download our Mac desktop time tracking app

Time Tracker Desktop App

Step 3

Start the timer

When you start working, start the timer with one click (or keystroke).

Step 4

Stop the timer and enter details

You can enter what you worked on and add a project, task, tag, and billability status.

Step 5

Enable auto tracker

Clockify can track what apps and websites you use so you can later create time entries based on time spent in other apps (data is visible only to you).

Step 6

Don't forget about the timer

Desktop app has a lot of handy features that can help you better track time, which you can enable in Preferences:

  • Pomodoro timer: Work Pomodoro style, in regular time intervals with breaks.
  • Default project: Track time without having to manually select the project all the time.
  • Idle detection: Forgot to stop the timer? Mac desktop app can recognize when you're inactive so you can discard idle time.
  • Reminders: Receive a notification when you forget to start the timer.
Time Trackers For MacStep 7

Run reports on web

In the web version, you can manage projects, invite team, review timesheets, and export reports.

TSheets is the perfect time tracker for mobile workforces and Mac users.

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A simple Mac time tracker for mobile and desktop

Need a time tracker for your Mac users at your business? TSheets lets you track employee hours from your computer, iPhone, or iPad for more accurate timesheets. Top mac torrents. Manage and approve cloud-based time cards with ease. Then sync employee hours to your accounting or payroll solution.


With the TSheets app for iPhone, you can take time cards wherever you go. Receive shift reminders or alerts. Clock in or out and switch jobs easily.

GPS tracking

Our time tracking app includes GPS tracking. See where employees are when they’re on the clock. TSheets only records locations when employees are on the clock.

Team visibility

Mac Time Tracking Software

Time logging app for mac

Our “Who’s Working” window gives you a map view of employees on the clock. Manage employees on the road, remote employees, and employees at different sites.

Job and shift scheduling

TSheets Scheduling lets you build job and shift schedules. Easily share your team’s schedules, or view your own on your computer or mobile phone with the TSheets iOS app.

Digital punch clock solution

For employees working in one location, our Time Clock Kiosk lets employees clock in or out in seconds from the same device. Workers use four-digit PINs to track time.

How to track time on a Mac

Whether you’re on a Mac or an iPhone, tracking time on an Apple device is simple and easy. You can clock in and out, switch jobs, and get detailed business insights, no matter what device you’re using. Follow these steps to track time:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
  2. Invite your employees to track time.
  3. Select the Time Clock from the web dashboard.
  4. Select a job or task.
  5. Select Clock In.
  6. Select Clock Out when you’re done for the day.

Why TSheets for Mac time tracking

TSheets gives business owners a more accurate time tracking solution and so much more. With our reports feature, you get a peek behind the scenes of your business. Plus, you can sync TSheets with your favorite accounting or payroll solution and save an average of three hours every time you run payroll.*

Time tracker for mac

FAQs about the TSheets app

95% of TSheets mobile app customers use less than 30 MB of data per month. That’s according to TSheets customer mobile data usage collected between February 2018 and April 2018. The same data showed, on average, TSheets mobile app customers use about 5 MB of data per month. You can check how much data the app is using on your iPhone by going to Settings > Cellular > TSheets.

Time Clock Software For Mac

The TSheets app does not run continuously, so it only uses a small percentage of your mobile device's battery power. The exact rate of battery used varies by device and app use.

The TSheets iOS app requires about 15 MB. The exact amount of storage used by the TSheets app is affected by your role, the number of people you manage, and your permissions.

*TSheets surveyed 4,906 customers in the U.S. in December 2019. On average, businesses that report gross payroll time savings save 3.15 hours.

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