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Mac has integrated VNC server so users don’t have to install VNC server on Mac in order to use VNC software or apps to control Mac from iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or another Mac. In this quick guide, we will show you how to use an iPhone or iPad to control a Mac through the Screen Sharing in OS X. By doing so, you can see anything displayed on your Mac right on your phone or tablet, you can get access to your Mac, the files, programs on your Mac as if you were sitting in front of your Mac. You can control the mouse remotely using your iPhone and type into your Mac using the virtual keyboard on your touch screen. Apple doesn’t include VNC support into iOS, but we have third-party VNC viewers thankfully, notably the VNC Viewer from RealVNC. Note that VNC Viewer is available for free from App Store. You can download it from previous linked page.

How to control Mac from iPhone or iPad using VNC Viewer?

On your Mac, click the Apple menu from its top menu bar, choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Then click Sharing in the System Preferences window, and click to enable the Screen Sharing. You will then find the status of Screen Sharing changes and the VNC server address. This is a your Mac’s IP address in the local network. If you need to access your Mac through the internet, you will need a dedicated public IP instead.

Vnc Viewer For Mac

On your iPhone or iPad, make sure it is connected to the same WiFi as your Mac. Then launch the VNC Viewer app. You can go to the Bonjour from the side menu to let the VNC viewer automatically discover your Mac.

Vnc viewer for mac download

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You can also go to add your Mac to the Address Book of the VNC viewer. You need to manually type in the VNC server IP address when you choose to manually add Mac to the Address Book of VNC Viewer on iPhone or iPad.

On the Address Book screen, tap on the Add button (+), then type in the VNC server address which you can find in the Screen Sharing on Mac. Give your Mac a name and save. You will be prompted for authentication with your Mac’s username and password when you connect.

Once the VNC session is established, you can use the iPhone or iPad to control over the Mac screen. For example, you can tap with one finger to left-click, pinch with two fingers to zoom, touch and drag to position the mouse cursor, double tap to double-click, tap with two fingers to right-click, tap to open the virtual keyboard and start typing, etc.

Vnc Viewer For Macbook

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Free Vnc Viewer For Mac

The instructions and screenshots on this page refer to Mac OS Xv10.5 Leopard; other versions of Mac OS X may differ slightly. Pleaserefer to your system documentation for details of how to install andremove software.


Installing VNC Enterprise Edition

Double-click on the downloaded installer. On the Welcome to theVNC Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X Installer page, clickContinue. You will be prompted to read and agree to the EndUser License Agreement. Click Agree to accept it and continue.

On the Select a Destination page, you will have to selectwhere to install the software. VNC Enterprise Edition must beinstalled on the system volume, so this will be the only option, evenif you have more than one volume.

On the next page, click the Customize button if you wouldlike to choose which components are installed:

  • VNC Server—Allows this computer to be accessedremotely.
  • VNC Viewer—Allows you to connect to computer runningVNC Server. Also installs the VNC Address Book application.

Click the Install button to begin installation. You will bepromted to authenticate as a user with administrative access to thecomputer to continue.

After installation has completed, you will be prompted to enter alicense key. If you already have a valid license key installed, youcan click Cancel to skip this step. To obtain a trial licensekey, contact Support.


To complete installation, click the Restart button torestart you computer. You must restart your computer before you canstart using VNC Server; however, you can use VNC Viewer and VNCAddress Book without restarting.


Removing VNC Enterprise Edition

To remove VNC Enterprise Edition, run the Uninstall program,located under RealVNC > Advanced.

You will be prompted to authenticate as a user with administrativeaccess to the computer. You will then receive a confirmation prompt;click OK and the software will be removed from your system.

Using the Stand-Alone VNC Viewer

The installer package contains both the VNC Viewer and the VNCServer and can be used to install just the viewer component. This isthe recommended way of installing VNC Viewer if you don't also want toinstall VNC Server. In particular, it is the only way to install theVNC Address Book.

Vnc Viewer For Mac

However, VNC Viewer is also available for download as a stand-aloneexecutable. In this form, it does not need to be installed and can berun directly. This can be useful if your are accessing your VNC Serverfrom an unfamiliar computer, or if you want to carry VNC Viewer withyou on a USB memory stick or similar removable storage device.

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