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How Does A Free VSee Clinic Work?

  1. Mac users interested in Vsee for windows 8.1 generally download: VSee 20.0 VSee is the simplest way to make decisions, get things done and solve misunderstandings.
  2. VSee download and installation instructions for Mac computers using the Chrome browser. If your host is using our VSee platform, this must be installed on the device you will use to participate in a session. VSee only needs to be installed once per device.
  3. Now the VSee Mac client transforms any Macbook Air into a telepresence-quality remote patient care terminal,” states Randy Parker, CEO of MDLiveCare. 'We were big Skype and join.me users, but VSee’s high definition video and instant application sharing makes our distributed team more social and productive. The release of VSee for Mac.
  4. Installing VSee on a personal computer or Macbook. Go to this link using a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari): You.

VSee 2.9.1 is a third party application that provides additional functionality to OS X system and enjoys a popularity among Mac users. However, instead of installing it by dragging its icon to the Application folder, uninstalling VSee 2.9.1 may need you to do more than a simple drag-and-drop to the Trash.

Get a quick walk-through of our Free single provider no-download virtual clinic:

  • [0:10] When a patient enter your waiting room and how to do one-click video calling
  • [0:37] How to call patient from your provider dashboard.
  • [1:15] How to sign up for your Free VSee Clinic

Need More Than A Free VSee Clinic?

Find out how VSee Clinic supports even the most complex workflows



Create your clinic to give patients experience you want

  • Invite patients to your branded waiting room by email or website button
  • Allow walk-ins and/or scheduled visits
  • Customize intake forms – whether it’s 2 lines or 2 pages
  • Check wait times and see who’s ready from the patient queue
  • Show educational videos or articles as patients wait
  • Collect online credit card payments
  • Always have live chat support on hand
  • See patients 1-on-1 or in a group
  • Add in remote family members, interpreters, and other care team members on the fly
  • Share and annotate images, documents & websites as though you were face-to-face
  • Send files by dragging and dropping to video
  • Live stream digital peripherals such as otoscopes and dermatoscopes
  • Have patients self-schedule follow-up visits
  • Send auto-confirmations and reminders via email & SMS
  • Let patients immediately review their visit notes & attachments
  • Get instant feedback with a post-visit survey
  • e-Prescribe medication

Engage patients in their everyday health goals. Have them:

  • Set personal health and wellness goals with their care team
  • Track their own progress with wellness device data from Fitbit, wireless scales, blood pressure cuffs, etc
  • Share their food diary, mood chart, or other wellness charts
  • Securely message their questions or just share vacation photos
  • Setup your online practice instantly
  • Add logo, room description, provider profiles, legal documents
  • Create or remove new providers & virtual clinic waiting rooms
  • Turn on/off walk-ins, scheduling, payment, and other features
  • Get mobile notifications when a patient is ready to be seen
  • Triage patients in different waiting rooms all from a single provider dashboard
  • Track patients throughout their visit – know exactly which provider they are with at any point
  • New! Coordinate among nurses, physicians, and appointment schedulers with customizable assignment tags such as “Ready for physician”
  • Check admin dashboard with graphic call reports – export in tabular form
  • Manage provider and patient scheduling
  • Set visit payment amounts, generate invoices
  • Manage call recordings

Enterprise VSee Clinic for Multiple Providers + Q&A

Wondering What’s Beyond A Basic VSee Clinic? Learn about Enterprise VSee features to simplify your telehealth launch
Patient Side
[03:16] VSee Clinic “storefront”
[13:18] Health Trackers
[15:00] Use cases
Provider Side
[24:31] Patient queue on the provider dashboard
[28:15] Patient history
Clinic Admin Panel
[34:53] Admin dashboard

Vsee Mac Black Screen

My time is what is most important. I needed to be able to establish an efficient workflow very similar to what we were using in the office. But I also needed a platform that would work with the various platforms we had in the different offices. VSee ended up being the system out there that made this possible

Michael Rodriguez, MD, Broadlands Family Practice

We at CareConnect Health take pride in the cutting edge technology to provide comprehensive medical services to our patients. VSee has enhanced our services by providing a very straightforward and easy-to-use virtual visit system for patients and staff alike . From planning to implementation, we did not need to involve any outside IT people to install and or to use VSee – that was a big advantage. The VSee customer service and technical support has been great, and it has been a pleasure to work with all of them.

Ajay Gehlot, MD, MBA, CEO CareConnect Health

Our idea was to build a platform that was flexible in its application, and easy to use. Not only is our telehealth team happy with the results, but the nurses have already expressed improvement in usability. Thank you for for your patience and persistence, walking us through numerous designs until we found the perfect fit and helping ensure a quick turnaround for the go-live.

Lauren Sweeney, Telehealth Program Manager

Vsee Clinic For Mac

Central call center to triage all virtual care patients for any department or service

Allows patients to quickly pay and connect online with their preferred private physician

24/7 on-demand telehealth for emergency visits, skilled nursing facilities, and more


Chronic care and lifestyle disease platform with Fitbit & vitals device integration for data tracking.

Compare VSee Clinic Plans

HIPAA-Compliant & High Quality Video


Vsee Clinic App For Mac

✔ No download, one-click video calling
✔ Virtual waiting room
✔ Unlimited 1-1 video calls
✔ Screenshare + live annotation*
✔ SMS patient invite
✔ Knowledge Base & email support
*live annotation requires a download

BASIC ($49/mo)

All Free features +
✔ Intake + telemedicine consent forms
✔ Unlimited small group video calls
✔ Online appointments
✔ Credit card payment
✔ Phone Dial-in
✔ Email & live chat support


All Basic features +
✔ Custom branding & mobile app
✔ Unlimited large group video calls
✔ Virtual front desk triage
✔ Multi-provider walk-in waiting room
✔ Insurance verification & claims submission
✔ Remote patient exam
✔ Remote patient monitoring
✔ Admin & scheduler roles
✔ EMR light & ePrescription
✔ Uber-style load balancing over hundreds of thousands of providers
✔ Email, live chat, & phone support
& more

Get Detailed Feature Comparisons or contact us for enterprise customizations.

Need More Telehealth Customization & Workflows?

We offer device integrations, remote nurse login, urgent care workflow, wellness & nutrition management, and more!

  • Go to this link using a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari): https://alivation.vsee.me/u/clinic.
  • You should see the following screen. Click on the green “ENTER WAITING ROOM” button.
  • This box will pop up. Fill out the necessary information. You may leave the “Reason for visit” field and the “File upload” fields blank. Make sure to click the box next to “I give my consent to participate in this telemedicine consultation” button.

Click “Continue” once all the information is filled out. Gnu gcc compiler for mac.

Vsee For Mac

Vsee For Macbook

  • This box will now pop up. Click the green “Click here to install VSee.” Link to install the application.
  • You will be redirected to a new web page. Click the green “Install VSee” button.
  • A download will begin. Click on the file once it’d done downloading.
  • A warning may pop up asking if you are sure you want to install this application. Click “Run”
  • If the application was installed correctly, you should see this box. Click OK.
  • Change back to the original tab in your browser.
  • Click the green “Click here to continue” link on the other browser tab.
  • This box will pop up. Click “Open vsee” and the application should start.
  • A “Privacy and Terms” box will pop up. Click “I Agree”
  • You should now see a video of yourself. At this point, you can assume the program is working correctly.