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Swiss International‘s spot, Unionen – Organizerman i knipa, created with the help of Yeti. Version 1.3 of Peregrine Labs’ Maya fur plugin adds dedicated procedural feather geometry for avian characters like the one at 00:12.

Post latest Maya plug-ins here! Yeti 3.5 Maya 2018 & 2019 Win x64. Solid Angle Maya To Arnold for Maya 2017-2019 Win/Mac/Lnx.

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Peregrine Labs has released Yeti 1.3, the latest update to its node-based Maya hair plugin, now in use at studios including Cinesite and Platige Image.

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Although Yeti always has been capable of creating more than just fur, the main new feature this time out is dedicated procedural feather geometry, enabling users to create detailed plumage with little or no R&D work.

R&D supervisor Colin Doncaster describes the new features as “a solution for an issue that has generally plagued productions with feathery characters”.

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Better grooming brushes, support for OpenSubdiv
The release also adds new brushes for painting, clumping and twisting hair strands during grooming; tools for creating parts and crowns; and support for subdivision surfaces based on Pixar’s OpenSubdiv.

The UI and dynamics engine have been updated, and cache previews and graph scripting are now supported.

(Mac OS X) Maya.env is a text file that you can create and edit with any text editor. If you use TextEdit or a word processing program, be sure to save it as an ASCII (basic) text file, not RTF. (In the TextEdit Preferences window, set New Document Format to Plain text, and under Saving, turn off the option Append “.txt” to plain text files.). Peregrine Labs Yeti 3.1.7 Maya 2018 - 2019 (Win) - Plugin For Maya.

Yeti is available for Maya 2013 and above on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and costs CAD $1,195 (around USD $1,130) for a floating licence. It supports RenderMan, 3delight, V-Ray and Arnold.

In other news, Peregrine Labs has released an update to Bokeh, its depth-of-field plugin for Nuke, adding support for Nuke 8.0.

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Yeti is Peregrine Labs new product focused on fur, feathers, leaves and generating lots of things based around familiar working concepts of a procedural graph directly within Autodesk’s Maya. The toolset has been developed as an end to end solution that easily integrates into most pipelines with ease and built with the goal of efficiently transporting and rendering the data generated while maintaining an artist friendly workflow. Yeti aims to be package agnostic and supports various rendering engines including Pixar’s Renderman and 3Delight with support for others coming soon.

Objects, grooms and guides ( nurbs curves ) can be imported into the graph from Maya as sources for the procedural network with all parameters controlled via SeExpr embedded into the application.

As parameters change and nodes are added to the graph the Maya viewport updates to help visualize the final effect with full control over viewport density for quicker/more accurate feedback.

Yeti is specifically designed to integrate smoothly into high-end visual effects pipelines, and offers a range of brush-based grooming tools, including the option to create ‘corrective grooms’ to finesse simulation results.

Unlike many other hair-simulation systems, the grooms are not dependent on surface topology or texture UVs, and may be exported as independent files – for application to multiple characters, for example.


A built-in caching system keeps file sizes low, only storing the information necessary to regenerate hairs at render time. The developer claims that cache sizes of 5-10MB per frame are typical.

Yeti - Grooming Overview

For more details visit: peregrine labs Safari 4 for mac os x.

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